30-year mystery of missing Jodi Huisentruit may finally be solved

Will mystery of missing news anchor Jodi Huisentruit finally be unravelled after thirty years? New details emerge of ‘fling’ she had with man she met just ten days before she disappeared and photograph reveals location of their final date

  • PI Steve Ridge says he has information about Jodi Huisentruit’s disappearance
  • The journalist vanished from her Iowa home in 1995 and hasn’t been seen since
  • PI Steve Ridge says she was in a ‘fling’ with a man she met 10 days before she disappeared

The 30-year mystery of how news anchor Jodi Huisentruit disappeared may finally be solved, after new details about a secret fling with a mystery man she met just ten days before she vanished have emerged. 

Jodi Huisentruit overslept for her job as an anchor at Mason City, Iowa news station KIMT on June 27, 1995, when a co-worker called to check up on her.

The 27-year-old assured her colleague that she would rush into the station in time for her 6am broadcast.

She was never heard from again, and was formally declared dead in 2001, though Iowa cops consider the case active and open. 

But a crack PI claims he has previously unreported information about a fling with a man from out of state that the journalist met just ten days before she went missing, as well as a photograph showing the site of her final date before her disappearance. 

News anchor Jodi Huisentruit (pictured) has been missing since 1995 

She was just 27 years old when she disappeared after failing to turn up to her job at a news station in Mason City, Iowa

PI Steve Ridge told the Sun that she met the as-yet-unnamed man, who was staying in a home on Clear Lake, at a bar. 

They quickly made a ‘fast connection’ with each other, Ridge said.  

The pair then started an intense relationship, where they saw each other almost every day for a week. 

The private investigator said they spoke ‘just about every day and she initiated the calls.’

But despite the intensity of their blossoming relationship, Steve Ridge said that Jodi ‘had not told even her closest friends about this relationship’ in order to avoid unwanted drama. 

She was never able to tell her friends about her new fling.

When police arrived at her home just after 7:00 am to conduct a welfare check after she failed to report to work nearly 30 years ago, they found Huisentruit’s belongings scattered around her now-infamous red Mazda Miata in the parking lot, including a woman’s red shoe and a bent car key.

She is understood to have been in a secret fling with an unknown man she met just 10 days before her disappearance

According to police, there were also signs of a struggle and neighbors reported hearing screams at around 4am. 

A partial palm print was smudged onto Huisentruit’s car, but investigators were never able to match it with a suspect. 

Ridge said that five days before she went missing, Jodi met her date at his lakeside home, where they sat on the back deck, which he managed to get access to in order to document it. 

‘The last time she had a date – it’s such a powerful picture…a few days later Jodi was gone.’

He revealed that local cops put the mystery man under surveillance after identifying him as a person of interest in the case, ‘even [scooping] up his street-side garbage for examination.’

The investigator is convinced that her fling with this man played an important part in her disappearance.  

‘I am certain that his quickly blossoming relationship with Jodi played a central role in her abduction days later,’ Ridge said.

PI Steve Ridge (pictured) is convinced that her fling with this man played an important part in her disappearance

‘I believe without a doubt that this relationship was clearly a factor in what happened because this was not a random act of violence it wasn’t anything like that, it wasn’t a stalker that came out of nowhere.’

‘This clearly was someone she knew and had interacted with who was very aware of all of the relationships or people that she saw and so that’s why this is kind of sensitive information,’ the investigator explained.

Though he was later cleared, Ridge warned that publicly identifying the man ‘could jeopardize an eventual prosecution in this case.’

He believes that jealousy was the primary cause of her disappearance. 

Ridge said the pair both knew that their relationship would ‘infuriate other suitors’, adding: ‘Jodi had strong admirers.’

‘A common theme here is anyone who shows an interest in Jodi is potentially in harm’s way because of jealousy and so this would fall in that category as well. I have one very strong possibility of who that party is. I think he did have some relationship with her.’ 

Though the case has seemingly gone cold in recent years, law enforcement is reportedly treating it as an active investigation, with Ridge claiming that they have their eye on at least one person of interest.

‘They remain hopeful that there will still be some kind of evidence that will allow them to move forward with an arrest or indictment,’ the investigator added.

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