Model in hotpants twerks as kids walk past – but is startled by mens reaction

An Australian woman was left stunned after she was heckled in the street for twerking in booty shorts – but fans say she should have expected it.

Tia Kabir, a social media influencer from Sydney, shared a video of herself walking through a busy city street in a pair of shorts that had "Hooters 00" across her bum. She was then seen hiking the material up her bum before twerking as other people, including children, walked past her.

But the OnlyFans star was soon startled by a group of rowdy men cheering for her in the background, prompting her to put her bum away and keep walking. “What the f***?" she said as she turned away.

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The bloke filming her then turned the camera around to show a group of men walking just a few metres behind them and said: "Look at these f***ing guys." But fans have since been left baffled as to how the model was shocked by the response she received.

Taking to the comments on the clip, which has gained more than 4,000 likes on Instagram, one user wrote: "She can’t be serious? You’re somehow bothered and shocked?" While another added: "How [is] she even shocked?"

A third commented: "What kind of reaction did you expect? You was being slutty in public ofc someone’s gonna react to it."

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Meanwhile, a fourth argued that she should be ashamed of her actions in front of children. They said: "Ever stop to think 'damn there are kids around maybe we should at least wait till there gone'?"

Tia has since told the Daily Star that her reaction wasn't her being shocked at being catcalled, but more that she didn't know who said it. "For the part when I say 'wtf' it was not knowing who said it," she explained.

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