Skin doctor shares how men can instantly look younger

Dr Ross Perry, the Medical Director of Cosmedics skin clinics, said: “Male skin tends to be oilier and ages differently to women.”

For men who shave frequently, the skin may become irritated, so Dr Perry recommends using a face mask.

Dr Perry explained: “A mask helps to soften facial hair so when the razor glides over the skin there is less irritation because it adds hydration.”

Face masks can also help to get rid of impurities in the skin and “lessen the appearance of wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes”.

Dr Perry said a consistent skincare regime is needed for men to maintain good and youthful skin.

A simple and quick morning routine

  1. First, wash with warm water to open up the pores
  2. Use a facial cleanser
  3. Use a scrub or exfoliator one to three times a week
  4. Either post-shaving, use moisturiser to the whole face or, if you have a beard, apply moisturiser to the upper face and beard oil to the lower face.
  5. Lastly, a sunblock to sun-exposed facial areas.

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Evening routine

  1. Cleanse again
  2. Moisturiser night cream
  3. If concerns are around ageing, then add anti-ageing cream as this will help repair the skin whilst it’s in a rest phase.

Dr Perry advised men to “figure out which skin type you are as will help tailor which creams will work best for you”.

You will need to find out if you have normal, oily, combination, or dry and sensitive skin. Skincare brand Olay pointed out the differences between the skin types.

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Normal skin

  • A clear appearance and even colour
  • Feels neither tight or greasy
  • Is soft and supple when touched
  • Has good elasticity and moisture
  • Has small, less visible pores
  • Not sensitive to normal external stimulation

Oily skin

  • Shiny and often has breakouts
  • Less visible wrinkles
  • Visible and enlarged-looking pores

Combination skin

  • Either oily or normal skin around the T-zone area of the face. This includes the nose, forehead and chin
  • Dry or normal skin around the U-zone, which is the cheek, mouth and eyes.

Sensitive skin

  • It is very sensitive to external stimulation such as heat, surfactants and exfoliation
  • Gets irritated and may have allergic reactions and become red or swollen more easily than others without sensitive skin
  • It’s often sensitive to certain chemicals in skin care products (e.g. fragrance and colourants)

Dr Perry said: “Try a few different creams but stick with them for at least two months to know whether they work for you, unless they are causing irritation.”

There are certain things you must not do if you want to maintain youthful skin. Don’t over scrub the face, Dr Perry advised, as once every other day is more than enough.

Dr Perry also warned against using soap for the face, which can be very drying and ageing for the skin. These tips were provided by Dr Ross Perry on behalf of International Men’s Day.

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