Bam Margera Is Reportedly One Month Sober!

This is truly inspiring!

According to sources close to the former Jackass star, Bam Margera has reportedly been sober for the last month!

On Monday morning, TMZ cited an insider who claimed the MTV alum has been working on himself with great success for 30 days now! Per that outlet, Bam has reportedly been living “on a farm” outside Philadelphia that is owned by another pro skateboarder. While there, he’s been getting back into skateboarding himself and “hitting the skate park again,” per the report. He’s living with his girlfriend Dannii, and the duo has been hiking a lot and hitting the gym regularly. In turn, Bam has “lost a ton of weight,” hence the push back into skating.

Of course, the biggest news here is the sobriety. Bam has apparently been keeping “a really tight circle of positive friends and influences” around him for the last month. That’s got him going down the right path, it sounds like. And he’s been completely clean for 30 days, by the sound of this new report.


The big push behind this development is reportedly that the reality TV vet wants to get sober “for himself,” and not for anyone else. The outlet notes this is the “first time” he feels like he’s doing it of his own volition, as opposed to being pushed into it via friends and family members.

We’re ecstatic over this news. Whatever the motivation, one month of sobriety is a big milestone! Here’s to many more to come for Bam!

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