Carol Vorderman gives rare insight into relationship with ex before divorce

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Carol Vorderman has given a rare glimpse into her decade-long marriage with ex-husband Patrick King.

The former Countdown host was wed to management consultant Patrick, who is also the father of her two children Katie, 32, and Cameron, 26, from 1990-2000.

But while she’s kept details of their relationship largely private, she has now opened up about how she felt throughout the union.

When asked about her current relationship status, the TV presenter confirmed she’s still single before reflecting on her marriage with Patrick.

“I was married very happily to my husband Paddy, Mr King. the father of my children through the 1990s – in my thirties,” she said on the Postcards From Midlife podcast.

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“We were very, very happy. Blissfully happy and then we suddenly weren’t,” she admitted. “Then we divorced. [But] that was not a bad relationship…”

Carol was also married to Christopher Mather, her first husband, for a year from 1985-1986.

Following the breakdown of her second marriage, the star has since been dating a group of men she refers to as “special friends”, an element of her personal life she revealed last year.

She told the podcast of her choice to not settle down: “When I came out and said that I’ve got special friends, a lot of women said ‘fantastic, why not’.

“Why do you have to have this whole narrative which is women have to be looking for the one. Why can’t you have five?…

“I don’t want to have to settle down with anybody because I don’t want to have to go through having to see what he has to do. I’ve done that all of my life.

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“I looked after my mum for 30 years as a single parent. All of that I don’t want anymore and that’s my choice and I’ve explained that very clearly.”

Back in April, Carol addressed her split from Patrick after vowing never to speak about her reasons why.

Comparing their breakup to a bereavement, she said: “If you are in a long-term relationship and you break up, and I’ve been through one of those when I was very, very happily married to Paddy for many years and suddenly we weren’t… It’s like grief.

“It’s like a bereavement. And people shouldn’t belittle it and go, ‘Oh yeah go out and you’re all having a good time’. It doesn’t work like that.

“And with bereavement, there are the five stages of grief and one of them is anger and then ultimately it’s acceptance and moving forward.”

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