Wife of British zoologist Adam Britton 'left him and fled Australia

Revealed: Distraught wife of British zoologist Adam Britton who filmed himself raping and torturing dogs ‘has left him and fled Australia after changing her surname’ as neighbours insist she knew nothing of his depraved behaviour

  • Erin dropped her husband’s surname and is believed to have gone on safari
  • Adam Britton, 52, tortured and sexually exploited more than 42 dogs until arrest

The distraught wife of British zoologist Adam Britton who filmed himself raping, torturing and murdering dogs has dumped him and fled the country, MailOnline has learned.

Erin Britton has dropped her husband’s surname and is believed to have gone on a six-month safari, away from public places where she fears she might be tainted by her 52-year-old husband’s debauched, private life.

National Geographic’s website suggests she will be on an international wildlife expedition but it appears she will be travelling under a new name.

A tradesman who did some work on the couple’s exotic property told MailOnline: ‘Will she be back? That’s very doubtful. She’s ended the marriage and gone, although given the shocking behaviour of her husband she will be living in fear of being recognised wherever she ends up living.’

Amy Moore, a hotel worker in the small town of Humpty Doo, just a few miles from the Britton couple’s property, said she felt sorry for Erin, who had been unaware of her husband’s sadistic secret life in which he tortured, raped and killed dogs.

‘It seems she’s just up and left him – and can you blame her when you learn about all the terrible things he’s confessed to at an earlier court appearance.’

The distraught wife of British zoologist Adam Britton (pictured together) who filmed himself raping, torturing and murdering dogs has dumped him and fled the country, MailOnline has learned

Adam Britton (centre) with his wife Erin (left) and David Attenborough (right) during filming for a BBC documentary Cold Blood

From Erin’s side, there are happy memories of feeding wildlife – mostly crocodiles – on the property where David Attenborough was once a guest to film sequences for the BBC Bafta-winning series Life in Cold Blood.

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In the remote communities that make up Australia’s sweltering Northern Territory tough outback men and women shook their heads in disgust yesterday as the name of Adam Britton dominated all conversation.

What local people agreed on was that there was general agreement the zoologist with expertise in crocodiles should never be allowed out of prison when he is sentenced in the weeks to come following his earlier plea of guilty to animal abuse.

‘You’d have thought that being born and bred in this region we would have seen and heard everything’ said self-confessed chatterbox Amy Moore who lives in Humpty Doo – which has a population of 4,313 and a mystery over the origins of its name.

‘It’s always been a bit of a fun place to live in or visit, but now we find ourselves living just a few miles from a place which has shocked the entire world.’

She was referring to McMinns Lagoon where Britton lived with wife Erin, who helped him maintain the exotic property.

‘This man – although I don’t like to call him a man – is a real sicko

Other local people said yesterday that they did not believe Erin was aware of her husband’s debauched secret life in which he has admitted torturing and killing animals, sexually abusing them and discarding their bodies around the property.

Britton not only tortured and sexually abused his own pets Ursa and Bolt (pictured together), who he created an Instagram page for, but also dogs from pet owners he had lured into his trap through the online marketplace platform Gumtree Australia

Britton has told a Darwin court that he could not stop his urges and that he had wanted them to continue.

‘The word around these parts is that when Erin learned what her husband had got up to she fled – just packed up and left,’ said Ms Moore.

‘She’s gone far away, going on a safari somewhere, but how she’s ever going to get over this can’t be imagined.

‘They kept themselves pretty much to themselves unless they were doing business with film companies or conservationists such as David Attenborough. No-one I’ve spoken to can recall seeing them out and about such as having a meal in one of the local taverns together.’

‘We locals have loved living here – it’s a real exotic iplace and now this person has travelled across the world from England a few years ago and tainted all our lives by doing what he did to those poor animals just down the road from us.’

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