The moment a four-year-old boy runs into baby bear outside his house

In for a big surprise! The moment a four-year-old boy runs into a baby bear outside his house

  • Jackson, 4, followed his mother to collect the trash when he came across the bear
  • The boy, wearing a black bear t-shirt, stumbles backwards after seeing the bear
  • The baby bear runs off after seeing Jackson who says ‘I love that giant bear!’ 

A four-year-old had the shock of his life after following his mother outside his home to collect the family bins only to come face to face with a baby bear.

Jackson, 4, from Monroe, Louisiana, had been a few paces behind his mother on June 5 when he came across the baby bear.

The video, recorded on a Ring smart doorbell, shows Jackson closing his front door and turning around to see a baby black bear walking towards him.

Four-year-old Jackson from Monroe, Louisiana, follows his mother outside to collect the trash on June 5

As Jackson shuts the front door an unsuspecting baby black bear wanders up behind him

As the two lock eyes they startle each other and the bear runs back the way it had come from while Jackson backs away towards his front door.

The four-year-old, wearing a t-shirt with a picture of a black bear and the words ‘little bear’ on it, asks his mother ‘what’s that?’.

The mother then ushers her son back inside the house.

He says: ‘I love that giant bear’ as he walks back through the front door.

The video was shared to YouTube on June 7. 

The Louisiana black bear is the state mammal for Louisiana and is one of 16 species of American black bear.

Compared to other black bears, the Louisiana variety has a longer, narrower skull and flatter teeth.

Between 1992 and 2016 the Louisiana black bear had been listed as a threatened species after the majority of its habitat was modified or destroyed.

It is believed there are now between 500 and 750 Louisiana black bears in the US and are most commonly found in Louisiana, east Texas and west Mississippi.

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