Ted Cruz trolled with Mariachi band over Mexico trip as protesters rally at his home and call on 'traitor' to resign

Ted Cruz has been trolled with Mariachi band over his recent trip to Mexico while protesters have gathered outside his home.

Following the Senator’s trip to Cancun, angry protesters from the Houston United Front Against Fascism group gathered outside his home in Houston with banners, calling on ‘traitor’ to resign. 

It comes after Cruz's family has returned back home to Texas after their controversial stay at the $300-a-night Ritz Carlton resort.

Cruz and his family – including wife Heidi, 48, and their daughters, Catherine, 12, and Caroline, 10, returned home from Cancun on Saturday after intense backlash over their trip while Texans froze to death during a devastating winter storm.

After dashing to a luxury resort in Mexico, Cruz landed back in Texas on Thursday and had a police escort at the airport, where protesters held signs stating "24 dead" from the winter storm – a number that has since risen significantly.

Speaking to reporters outside his house, Cruz admitted he made a mistake and insisted he was "just trying to be a dad."

"It was obviously a mistake and in hindsight I wouldn't have done it," Cruz said.

On Saturday, Cruz was mocked for posting several photos of himself on Twitter delivering water to residents with the hashtag #TexasStrong.

In three images, Cruz is pictured loading packs of water into people's cars, however it is not known exactly where and when the photographs were taken. 

But social media users called his bluff and described Cruz's move as "an embarrassment".

"GTFOH. This guy Ted Cruz is an embarrassment to Texas and anyone with a brain. He must really think his constituents are dumb as hell," Tweeted Bruno Amato, who is running for Congress in 2022.

Meanwhile furious parents at St John's school in Houston have demanded the senator's girls should quarantine when they return from Mexico – leaving them unable to study as they cannot learn online in isolation.

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