NYPD cops deliver baby on Staten Island Expressway

He was a bundle of joy for worn-out first responders.

A pair NYPD highway officers delivered a baby boy Thursday on the Staten Island Expressway after pulling over the expecting dad for driving nearly twice the speed limit to get to the hospital.

“We have to come to work every day, and we see all of it… We all needed that,” Officer Adam May told The Post.

The officers pulled over the Toyota Camry heading eastbound on the highway near Richmond Road around 11:30 p.m. — but the 33-year-old man at wheel was “adamant” on getting his 32-year-old wife to Methodist Hospital to have their baby.

“I had to calmly tell him [that] he’s driving nearly double the speed limit,” May said. “I even told him on the scene multiple times, if need be, ‘We’re gonna deliver this baby right here and now,’ but I don’t want him driving in this excited state.”

With ambulances tied up with coronavirus calls, the 30-year-old May and Sgt. Anthony Demonte, 43, knew they couldn’t wait and they “went into EMS mode,” May said.

“Her water broke right in front of me,” he added.

At 11:42 p.m., 10 minutes after pulling them over, the duo delivered a seven-pound, six-ounce boy on the left shoulder of the expressway.

But, the new family-of-three was still not out of the woods yet with the mother bleeding after the umbilical cord separated during birth and EMS still not close.

May jumped into action, hopping into the Camry and rushed the new father and mother, who was cradling the newborn wrapped in a jacket, to Staten Island University North Hospital

“[May] was driving the car with one hand, and clamping onto the umbilical cord on the other hand, while making our way to the hospital,” Demonte recalled.

Within minutes, the cop had made it the hospital where they were welcomed by doctors and nurses — who were ecstatic to help with the new life during the overwhelming coronavirus outbreak.

“I feel like the hospital staff needed something like that, after what they’ve been going through, you know, seeing a brand new baby going through the ER,” Demonte said.

“They announced it on the loudspeaker, they played music, and you can hear them cheering, from the outside.”

May said the duo has been smiling since it happened.

“I think everybody knows that, as first responders, us, our fellow officers on the scene, the emergency room staff, the doctors, the nurses… everybody needed that equally.”

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