Military turns to social media as coronavirus closes enlistment stations

Uncle Sam needs you to help fight the coronavirus — but good luck in finding an enlistment station where you can sign up.

The deadly, fast-moving infection has closed many enlistment stations nationwide, making it tougher for recruiters to beef up the ranks.

They’ve turned to social media, but that isn’t working so well because prospects can just not reply.

“They usually won’t run away if you’re talking to them in person,” Marine Gunner Sgt. Kevin Meyer told the Associated Press. “They just stop responding, and the conversation just ends without a conclusion.”

The brass believes the services could fall far short of enlistment quotas if the virus-related lockdowns drag on.

Maj. Gen. Lonnie Hibbard, commanding general of the Army Center for Initial Military Training, gets asked why the Army is still recruiting and training during a pandemic.

“We have to,” Hibbard said. “It’s our responsibility to America right now.”

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