Meghan and Harry 'told royal advisers "You can’t stop us doing what we want" in Palace clashes before Megxit'

PRINCE Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly told royal advisers "you can't stop us from doing what we want" in clashes a years before Megxit.

Sources have claimed the pair were the ones calling the shots – after they told Oprah they didn't have a plan when they stepped down as senior royals.

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They told the Telegraph: “There was a constant dialogue from the couple along the lines of: 'Why can’t we do this? You can’t stop us from doing what we want to do'.

“They were calling the shots and would be the ones instructing the press office on what line to put out.”

It comes after reports the couple were in talks with a billion-dollar US streaming service a year before they formally cut ties with the royal family.

According to claims, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were discussing projects with Quibi in 2019 before they stepped down as working royals in early 2020.

Quibi was a subscription-based streaming platform which ran roughly seven to ten minute long videos.

It had been tipped to become a rival to YouTube – but it closed down just six months after its launch.

According to reports, the discussions with Quibi had caused tensions with Palace staff – and the couple were accused of “cashing in” their royal titles.

A royal source added: “A lot of it was orchestrated by Meghan’s people in America. It was a bit of a secret squirrel.”


It has also been suggested Harry attended a meeting with James Holt, the director of Archewell, the couples non-profit organisation, in London in January last year.

The couple then announced in April they planned to launched the foundation named after their son.

Later in the year the pair also signed a $112million deal with Netflix and a £30million contract with Spotify.

During their interview with Oprah, Harry claimed he'd had to sign the deals as he'd been effectively "cut off" by the Royal Family when he and Meghan stepped away.

Another insider told how aides were left thrown when Meghan went to a baby shower thrown for her in New York, leaving all palace staff at home.

They said: "That was a bit of a headache, not least because no one from the palace was there to oversee what was happening.

“The American lot were the ones dealing with the baby shower.”

It has been claimed Meghan stayed in touch with a trusted team of four Hollywood advisers during her time in the UK.

Multiple sources say Meghan would regularly hop on confrence calls to America, with her lawyer Rick Genow, business manager Andrew Meyer and talent agent Nick Collins.

And according to The Telegraph Keleigh Thomas Morgan of PR firm Sunshine Sachs remained part of her inner circle, masterminding the couple’s first charitable foundation, Sussex Royal.

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