Jobless New Yorkers to get $600 extra if they’ve filed for benefits and everyone can vote absentee on June 23 primaries – The Sun

New York Governor Cuomo said unemployed residents will get a $600 bonus if they're on benefits and residents can vote absentee on the June 23 primaries.

Cuomo made the revelation during his daily press briefing Wednesday, when he confirmed COVID-19 fatalities were double that of 9/11 after the highest, single-day death toll yet.

Hospitalization rates decreased over the past three days but Cuomo said there were 779 fatalities in 24 hours as he shared images of the virus victims.

"It's incredibly difficult to deal with," Cuomo said. "Every number is a face and that’s been painfully obvious to me."

The governor also said the state will "immediately" make "a $600 payment to all unemployed New Yorkers" and will extend the unemployment benefits period from 26 to 39 weeks.

Cuomo acknowledged that people needed money now and also confirmed residents had the option to vote absentee in the June 23rd primaries to stop the spread.

"The federal government says they will reimburse us for it," Cuomo told reporters.

Reports indicate that these direct payments are already being sent out already – but people are struggling to issue their unemployment claims, reports say

Coronavirus has claimed the lives of 6,268 New Yorkers versus the 2,753 lives lost in the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.

"Do not misread what you’re seeing," Cuomo warned, emphasizing the need for social distancing and staying home despite the slowing hospitalization rates.

"That is a pure product of our actions and behavior. If we behave differently, you will see those numbers change."

He also predicted the country may never go back to normal and commented on how small the world has become when "somebody sneezes in Asia today, you get a cold tomorrow."

"You think there's ever going to be morning that I wake up and I’m not worried about this for the rest of my life?" he challenged one journalist. 

Cuomo noted described coronavirus eclipsing 9/11 in terms of deaths in this state as "almost unimaginable."

"How do you square those two things?" he asked. "We’re making progress [but] we lost more people than every before on a single day."

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