‘I’ve been shot’: 911 calls reveal horror of ex-NFL player’s mass shooting

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Dramatic 911 calls reveal the horrific details of a mass shooting by an ex-NFL player that left six dead — including two young children — in South Carolina.

“‘I’ve been shot, I’ve been shot, call 911. Please, call 911,’” one man told the dispatcher, relaying a call he got from a wounded employee at the scene. “And that’s all he keeps saying.”

Two workers from Gaston Sheet Metal were working at the scene when they were shot.

“One is non-responsive the other one is talking slurred and I think he’s been shot in the face or the head or something ’cause he can’t talk,” the unidentified caller from the company said.

“They’ve been shot,” he said. “They didn’t do the shooting. They’ve been shot.”

York County Sheriff Kevin Tolson said at a press briefing Thursday that Dr. Robert Lesslie, 70, a well-known Rock Hill physician, and his wife, Barbara, 69, were found dead inside the house with their two grandchildren, Adah, 9, and Noah, 5.

One Gaston Sheet Metal worker, James Lewis, 38, was killed and the other was wounded in the Wednesday afternoon shooting.

“I think there’s been a bad shooting,” a neighbor told the dispatcher in another 911 call, according to audio released by authorities Thursday. “Maybe four people.”

“So you say four people have been shot?” the 911 dispatcher asks.

“I believe so,” the caller said. “I was cutting grass out in the yard and I heard shots.”

“How may shots did you hear?”

“About 20,” the man said. “I think there’s two outside, two workers outside and Mr. Lesslie is inside the house.

“I’m on the property but I’m away from the house ’cause the guy walked out of the house,” he said. “If the police or something come I’ll go over there with them.

“I saw one laying on the grass. one of the workers,” the caller added. “I heard the popping, but I didn’t realize it was shooting until I saw this guy laying on the ground.”

Former NFL cornerback, Phillip Adams, 32, was identified as the gunman in the 4:45 p.m. bloodshed Wednesday and later found dead from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound after fleeing to his parents’ home down the road, Tolson said.

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