Ghislaine Maxwell photographed sitting on Buckingham Palace throne

Ghislaine Maxwell may well wish she was still “queen for a day”— legal slang for a cooperate-for-immunity offer.

In this newly surfaced photo, the just-captured accused madam of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein sits on Queen Elizabeth II’s throne during a 2002 private tour of Buckingham Palace.

At her side in a matching, plushly upholstered throne of his own is actor Kevin Spacey, who would face sex assault allegations of his own in the UK and US, though all would eventually be dropped.

The two visited the palace with former President Bill Clinton — a pal of Spacey’s who also has weathered a sex scandal of his own.

And they were all there at the palace at the invitation of Prince Andrew, the Telegraph reported Saturday, in releasing the startling snap, obtained by The Post.

Andrew, of course, has been accused by Epstein’s alleged “sex slave” Virginia Giuffre of bedding her at Maxwell’s behest when she was only 17.

The thrones sat upon by Maxwell and Spacey were used by the Queen for her 1953 coronation — and it is considered a breach of royal protocol for anyone outside her majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh to sit in them, the Telegraph notes.

The Throne Room is only accessible through public tours of the palace or during state visits and official royal functions, the paper says.

Clinton, who was making the trip across the pond for an address before Britain’s Labour Party, was joined by Maxwell for the jaunt, aboard Epstein’s private jet — nicknamed the “Lolita Express” for the underage girls often found on board.

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