Family say they were 'more likely to catch pneumonia than Covid' outside local pub

FAMILY pictured under umbrellas outside their local have pleaded with Boris to reopen pubs saying they were "more likely to catch pneumonia than Covid".

The Astons were in the Cranbook, Devon, where the virus is officially "suppressed" and there have been almost no new cases in weeks.

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Despite this, they were forced to huddle beneath brollies when they got together for lunch and a few drinks at the Cranberry Farm Pub on Saturday.

Leanne, 28, joined her mum and sister at the pub where they all got soaked but said they should have been allowed inside – socially distanced from other tables.

Mum-of-one Leanne said: "Never mind Covid, I was more likely to get pneumonia."

"Boris needs to reopen all the pubs immediately, this is ridiculous we were sat out in the pouring rain eating lunch when we could have been dry indoors.


"That first pint of cold cider is always worth it, but we were drenched by the end."

The family's plea comes after The Sun revealed yesterday (Weds) Britain is likely to escape a third wave – and we are more likely to die at home from a fall.

North Devon, where Leanne's family is from, is officially the 4th lowest county in England, with Covid-19 cases.

The area has seen just five cases in the last few weeks.


Family support worker and mum-of-one Leanne went to the pub on Saturday with her boyfriend Guy Matthews, 28, her mum Claire, 52, and sister Lauren, 24 and her boyfriend Aaron Watson, 28.

Leanne added: "This is madness, if we're allowed into supermarkets and into the shops, what's the difference with sitting down and having a drink and some food indoors?

"Open the doors now and let us in."


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