DJ Griff Gotti, 39, dies of coronavirus after struggling for days to get tested because he had no past health issues – The Sun

A "HEALTHY" Florida DJ has died from the coronavirus after struggling to get tested due to his lack of health issues.

Conrad Buchanan, otherwise known as DJ Griff Gotti, died on March 26 less than two weeks after he started showing symptoms of the deadly virus.

His wife, Nicole, told local press that her 39-year-old husband was "healthy" but "so scared" about what he was going through.

Conrad reportedly fell ill on March 14 when he started experiencing body aches and a low fever, but Nicole told CNN that she struggled to get him tested.

She said: "I fought and fought and fought.

"They didn't want to test him due to his age and that he had no underlying health conditions."

However, after four days of fighting, Conrad was finally given a test, but he didn't receive results until March 21.

By that point, Nicole, 37, said that her husbands health had become "noticeably worse".

"That day, he started to decline — because he did not have a horrible cough at this whole time," she said.

After his diagnosis, Conrad shared a photo of himself with an oxygen tube in his nose on social media and wrote: "My people…. I implore all of you to be vigilante [sic] with your health in these trying days.

"We all can be affected. I received results today that I am positive for the carona virus [sic].

"This past week has been extremely hard, but thanks to my wife, she is nursing me through this, without having to go to the hospital.

"Keep your distance from people please, if you don't have to be in public settings, choose solitary confinement as your first option.

"Be safe… I am doing everything that I can to get my health back on track."

The next day, Conrad was admitted to Gulf Coast Medical Center where he died days later from COVID-19.

Nicole told CNN that after going to park the car at the hospital, she never saw her husband again.

She said: "I walked up to the doors. The hospital's on lockdown. They wouldn't let anybody in after that.

"I never got to say, 'I love you'."

Alongside Conrad's social media post, Nicole hopes that sharing her husband's story will make people – especially those who were in close proximity of the DJ – take the virus seriously.

The DJ had played a string of live sets in Miami and Fort Myers on the week leading up to his symptoms starting.

She told the News-Press: "He was around so many people and so many people aren't taking this seriously.

"There's no way to be able to reach out to everyone. With him being a DJ, he is such a social butterfly."

Nicole told CNN that she has also tested positive for the virus and has lost her sense of taste and smell.

She is still waiting for her 12-year-old daughter Skye's results.

Speaking to the news outlet, Skye shared her father's important lesson with listeners.

"Find your rhythm in life. Listen to the beat. Dance and express yourself in order to connect with people from all walks of life."

The US coronavirus death toll currently stands at 6,095.

The number of confirmed cases in the country has now soared to at least 245,373.

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