Distraught dad has message for jailed girlfriend after son's remains found

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The father of a missing Houston boy — whose remains are believed to have been found — cannot fathom why his girlfriend was allegedly involved in his son’s disappearance.

“Why? He loved you so much,” Dalton Olson would ask his jailed girlfriend Theresa Balboa if he had the chance, the distraught father told KPRC, the NBC affiliated TV station in Houston on Wednesday.

“I do not understand what happened. Why did you, why did you do this?” Olson said.

On Tuesday night, Authorities in Texas located what are believed to be the remains of missing 5-year-old Samuel Olson stuffed inside a tote bag in a motel room in the city of Jasper, according to KTVT, the CBS-owned station in Houston.

Following the discovery, Balboa, who was also at the motel, was arrested and charged with tampering with evidence. She may face additional charges, police said.

A medical examiner will confirm the dead child’s identity, but Houston Assistant Police Chief Heather Morris said that detectives believe the remains belong to Olson.

Samuel was reported missing May 27 by Balboa and his father, though he was last seen on April 30 at Holbrook Elementary School, police said.

Balboa, who was out on bond for a prior alleged attack on her boyfriend, is being held in Jasper County Jail.

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