Derek Chauvin reportedly close to reaching plea deal on civil rights charges

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Killer ex-cop Derek Chauvin is close to reaching a plea deal on his federal civil rights charges that would allow him to escape life in prison for George Floyd’s murder, according to a report.

Multiple sources told WCCO that the former Minneapolis officer is close to the deal that would see him serving his sentence in federal prison, but at the same time as the 22 1/2 years he already got on his state conviction for murdering Floyd in May last year.

It would include the 45-year-old former cop having to finally explain exactly what he did to Floyd and why he did it, WCCO said.

The deal would likely involve a 20- to 25-year sentence that he would serve at the same time as his state sentence, WCCO’s sources said. Without it, Chauvin faces life in prison on the charges, the outlet noted.

The negotiations with prosecutors could be what Chauvin was referring to when he told his sentencing hearing last week that he could not give a full statement because of “legal matters.”

“There’s gonna be some other information in the future that will be of interest and I hope these will give you some peace of mind,” Chauvin had said, which WCCO suggested was the plea deal.

Former Hennepin County Chief Public Mary Moriarity told the outlet that Chauvin’s swift guilty verdict in the state case in undoubtedly a motivating factor in seeking a deal.

“In federal court, there would be a substantial difference between what he would receive if he went to trial and was convicted versus what he would get if he pled guilty, and as they say take responsibility for his actions,” Moriarity said.

WCCO said the US Attorney’s Office declined to comment, and Ben Crump, the Floyd family attorney, or Eric Nelson, the attorney for Chauvin, did not respond.

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