Caroline Crouch reportedly suspected killer husband of having an affair

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Caroline Crouch, the 20-year-old UK mom whose Greek helicopter pilot husband has confessed to killing her in a fit of rage, reportedly suspected him of having an affair with an ex before he strangled her.

Crouch was smothered by Charalambos “Babis” Anagnostopoulos, 33, on May 11 as their 1-year-old daughter Lydia lay nearby.

New revelations from secret testimony given by the couple’s mental health counselor, Helen Mylonopoulou, show that Crouch had suspected that her husband was having an affair with a former flame, the US Sun reported, citing Greek news outlet IN.

Mylonopoulou provided a detailed account of her sessions with the young woman, who discussed her relationship with Anagnostopoulos, recounted her suspicions about other women in his life and described how manipulative he was, according to the report.

The counselor said the couple had a tense relationship, and that Crouch suspected there was another woman in her husband’s life, The US Sun reported, citing reports from ALPHA.

“In January, Caroline began to suspect that her husband may have returned to one of the women he knew before their marriage,” she said. “She knew that there were two women from his work with whom he had relations before.”

Crouch’s sessions with Mylonopoulou began in November 2020, after Anagnostopoulos had called her and claimed his wife was suffering from postpartum depression, according to the report.

But the counselor stressed that Crouch told her the real problem was that she wanted to leave her house.

“She could no longer bear how manipulative he was. She lived under his complete control 24 hours a day. She was locked in the house, she could not go anywhere without his permission and when he had to go out, he always called the same taxi that a friend of his had,” Mylonopoulou reportedly said.

She also said the pilot had put a device on his cell phone to check on the whereabouts of his wife, whom he had cut her off from her friends.

Mylonopoulou added that Anagnostopoulos pretended to be “overwhelmed” by grief for his late wife during one visit in early June.

She also testified that she received threats against her life.

“They called me and asked if I had testified to the police about what Caroline was saying at the sessions,” she said. “A few days later, I received threatening phone calls from a stranger who was threatening to kill me, telling me ‘you will pay me.’”

Crouch’s grieving dad, David, 78, has reportedly said he wished he’d known his Greek son-in-law was going to confess to her murder — so he could have “blown his f—ing lying head right off.”

Anagnostopoulos had hugged his late wife’s family at a memorial while still maintaining that the young mom had been murdered in front of their baby daughter by a team of home invaders in Athens.

Waiting police picked him up immediately after the memorial — and he allegedly confessed to being the killer, police have said.

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