Bill de Blasio claims California drivers stop at every intersection, Twitter disagrees

Mayor Bill de Blasio on Wednesday claimed California drivers stop at every intersection — offering his latest in a series of ever-shifting justifications for why New York can’t follow other cities, like Oakland and Minneapolis, and redo streets to make more room for pedestrians and cyclists.

“In California drivers stop at intersections even if there’s no light or stop sign. They stop when people are trying to cross the street, even, in the middle of the street a lot of time,” the mayor claimed during his morning City Hall press briefing.

Californians on Twitter quickly pounced, wondering if the mayor had spent any time in the Golden State, where drivers are notorious for rolling through stop signs and disregarding pedestrians.

“A ‘California roll’ is when one slows down and drifts through a stop sign while other drivers clear,” user @BVanDeynze wrote. “Has DeBlasio ever been to California? Or even driven a car?”

“The mayor of New York thinks drivers in Los Angeles stop… at… every….. block???????” asked Laura Nelson, the Los Angeles Times’ transportation reporter. “I needed this laugh today. Thanks, Bill de Blasio.”

One of her colleagues responded: “I’ve jaywalked in cities all over the country. The only place I’ve truly feared for my life is LA.”

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