Bill Cosby wants Howard University to RETURN his donations after calls for his on-screen wife to be fired as dean

BILL Cosby wants Howard University to return his donations after students called for his on-screen wife to be fired.

The comedian tweeted his support for Bill Cosby Show co-cast Phylicia Rashad, 73, after she rallied around him following his release from prison.

Students at Howard University, where Rashad is set to take a position as dean of the fine arts program, hit out act the actress who played Clair Huxtable on the hit 80s show.

The "ByePhilicia" hashtag began trending after she called Cosby's release "a terrible wrong" that had been "corrected".

"FINALLY! A terrible wrong is being righted – a miscarriage of justice is corrected," she tweeted.

Rashad's original post went out after Cosby was released from prison after serving less than three years for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004.

On Sunday, Cosby retweeted a message by singer and actress Stephanie Mills who wrote: "'I love you @phyliciarashad. If it’s true that Howard University wants to terminate her Position because they feel her comments about Mr. Cosby were insensitive, then they should give back the millions of dollars that he donated to the university."

The actor added: "Thank you @iamstephaniemills your voice has always been powerful!"


Cosby's donations to the Ivy League school remain a secret, however, he did once give Spelman College in Atlanta $20million in 1998.

He also received an honorary degree from Howard.

Rashad has since issued a statement apologising for the comment.

"My remarks were in no way directed toward survivors of sexual assault," she wrote.

"I vehemently oppose sexual violence, find no excuse for such behavior, and I know that Howard University has a zero-tolerance policy toward interpersonal violence."

The tweet was met with a huge amount of backlash, and Howard University released a statement distancing itself from Rashad's celebratory tweet shortly thereafter.

"Personal positions of university leadership do not reflect Howard University’s policies," read the university's statement.

"We will continue to advocate for survivors fully and support their right to be heard."

Rashad also backtracked on her stance after deleting her original tweet and writing a new one later in the day on June 30.

Cosby took to Twitter to again deny that he ever drugged or had non-consensual sex with anyone, and to blame to the media for misleading the public about him.

"In response to the rhetoric that the media keeps pushing, Bill Cosby never admitted in his deposition testimony, or anywhere else, to non-consensual sexual contact with any woman and/or the drugging of anyone," the tweets read.

"He has never admitted to spiking drinks, as the media would like you to believe. He has steadfastly maintained his innocence, before and after being falsely convicted of aggravated indecent assault.

"Mainstream media has irresponsibly, egregiously and inexcusably misled the public with out-of-context coverage regarding Bill Cosby's deposition testimony."

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