Anti-monarchy group Republic sneak into Buckingham Palace for protest

Anti-monarchy group Republic sneak into Buckingham Palace to stage protest right under the nose of the royals

  • They stood in the Grand Hall wearing t-shirts that spelled out ‘Not My King’
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Activists against the monarchy and King Charles have staged the first-ever protest inside Buckingham Palace.

The group of local campaigners from different parts of the UK visited the famous landmark just after midday as tourists.

They then stood, before standing in the Grand Hall wearing t-shirts that spelled out ‘Not My King’.

Footage of the stunt was posted online and showed them taking off their jackets.

A female member of staff can then be hear shouting: ‘Hey guys? What is this? What are we doing?’. 

Speaking for Republic, Graham Smith said today: ‘This is a first, an anti-monarchy protest inside Buckingham Palace. A fantastic statement of intent, citizens standing up in the home of the monarchy to declare their opposition to hereditary power.

Republican activists have staged the first-ever protest inside Buckingham Palace today

King Charles III and Queen Camilla (left) stand with French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte in France just days ago

‘Charles is not an untouchable monarch, he is not immune to criticism and doesn’t enjoy the deference that protected the monarchy while his mother was on the throne.’

‘I’m proud of our local activists who came together today to take this stand. Our local campaigns are expanding rapidly, with more than thirty now active around the UK.’

‘Republic will continue to protest against the monarchy up and down the country, with the next protest set for the state opening of parliament on November 7.’

The protesters were able to get into the famous building as ticket-paying members of the public.

They simply revealed their T-shirts once they got inside and posed for the group picture.

A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace said they do not comment on security matters. 

Republican, Graham Smith, wearing a Not My King sweatshirt and badge joins those waiting to see King Charles III on March 7, 2023

Republic want to see the monarchy abolished and the King replaced with an elected, democratic head of state.

In place of King Charles they want someone chosen by the people.

Charles and Queen Camilla are believed to be currently in Balmoral. 

In may the anti-monarchy activists blasted police for arresting a number of them in the run up to the Coronation in central London.

Republic’s megaphone-wielding chief executive Mr Smith was among those arrested, as police said they had seized multiple lock-on devices and hundreds of posters.

New legislation passed meant protesters who have an object with the intention of using it to ‘lock on’ are liable to a fine, with those who block roads facing 12 months in prison.

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