Amazon warehouse 'deep cleaned' after worker tests positive for COVID

Amazon warehouse is ‘deep cleaned’ after worker tests positive for coronavirus following fears bug will spread at two other distribution plants because of a ‘lack of social distancing’

  • Amazon worker at the company’s warehouse in Fife has contracted COVID-19
  • Company said it has been deep-cleaning areas of the Dunfermline building
  • Comes as whistleblowers say they fear virus would thrive at Amazon warehouses
  • A worker in Doncaster said lack of space means they are one metre apart 
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An Amazon worker at the company’s warehouse in Fife is in quarantine after contracting Covid-19.

The online shopping firm said it has been deep-cleaning areas of the building in Dunfermline and increased usual cleaning routines.

The retailer added it has been ‘supporting’ the individual as well as introducing ‘proactive’ measures to protect employees.

Amazon’s warehouse in Dunfermline, Fife. The online shopping firm said it has been deep-cleaning areas of the building and increased usual cleaning routines

An Amazon worker at the company’s warehouse in Fife is in quarantine after contracting Covid-19.

An Amazon spokeswoman said: ‘We are supporting the individual, who is now in quarantine.

‘Since the early days of this situation, we have worked closely with local authorities to proactively respond, ensuring we continue to serve customers while taking care of our associates and we’re following all guidelines from local officials about the operations of our buildings.

‘We have implemented proactive measures at our facilities to protect employees including increased cleaning at all facilities, maintaining social distance in the fulfilment centre and adding distance between drivers and customers when making deliveries.’

Amazon has faced strikes from workers in France and Italy, and has been hit by legal complaints over safety concerns in Spain.

A Daily Mail investigation found that Amazon warehouses in the UK have become a potential ‘hotbed of contamination’, according to workers. 

Whistleblowers at two distribution plants said yesterday they feared the virus would thrive there amid a lack of hand sanitisers and non-enforcement of two-metre social distancing.

Amazon has faced criticism for its protection  measures during the crisis. Pictured above is a worker at its Tilbury centre in the UK

Amazon’s business is booming as shop closures and the lockdown has seen internet shopping surge.

But a worker at a factory in Doncaster, where up to 90 night shift workers sort parcels for delivery, said the lack of space means they have been told to keep just one metre apart from each other – not the two metres recommended by the Government and World Health Organisation (WHO) to stop the spread of the virus. Workers who raised concerns were told ‘not now’. Amazon denied the claim.

The worker, who wished to be anonymous, said: ‘It’s a potential hotbed of contamination. There’s no separation, no social distancing. If it spreads around our warehouse it could spread around the whole country on these parcels.’ 

Amazon workers have said that the company is not taking action to look after their health

A worker at a separate Amazon warehouse in Doncaster also said the two-metre rule was not being enforced, especially in the canteen. They also said there was not enough hand sanitiser and staff were not given time to regularly to wash their hands.

‘Staff are dropping like flies because of illness but anyone who has to go home is mocked by the managers. They are hiring staff from all over to try to plug the gaps but this only increases the chances of spreading it.’

They added: ‘When anyone complains to the managers they make out you are crazy and tell you to get back on with your work.’


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