You never said that?!’ Naga Munchetty mortified as Charlie Stayt mocked by Mike Bushell

BBC Breakfast: Mike mocks Charlie over his football pun

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Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt returned to BBC Breakfast on Thursday morning to take the reins from Dan Walker and Sally Nugent. And they weren’t alone as weather reporter Matt Taylor and sports correspondent Mike Bushell joined the pair in the BBC studio. However, when Naga and Charlie turned to Mike for the latest goings-on in the sporting world, he couldn’t resist a pop at his counterpart, prompting Naga to exclaim in disbelief: “You never said that!”

The moment came after the trio went through the latest sporting headlines, including last night’s Carabao Cup results, and Mike turned his attention to a hilarious clip from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During a match in the country’s top division, play was disrupted when a dog ran onto the pitch and grab the ball in its jaw.

“I’ve got a dog myself and you cannot play football in the garden without it wanting to get involved,” Mike said to Naga and Charlie.

“It goes berserk if it’s left inside,” Mike added. “And it’s got good skills as well.”

Spotting the chance for a pun, Charlie soon piped up: “What about ‘David Barkham’?”

An awkward silence descended on the studio as Mike mused over Charlie’s joke before eventually saying: “Well, it’s a good attempt…

“It’s awful actually,” Mike quickly corrected himself, prompting Naga to brush out laughing. “Sorry, Charlie.”

“You never said that!” Naga added in embarrassment for her BBC colleague as she placed her hand over her mouth.

“I prefer John Terrier or Paul Pugba,” Mike suggested before taking a pop at Charlie’s attempt: “David Barkham? Sorry, Charlie – it’s not even close, is it?”

Mike continued to apologise for slapping down Charlie’s idea before Naga stepped in: “I tell you what, I’m leaving you two to it.

“Someone who always know -“ Naga tried to move on before Charlie interrupted her: “I was only trying.”

“I feel terrible now,” Mike joked as Naga eventually managed to cut proceedings over to weather reporter Matt Taylor for the latest.

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This isn’t the first time a canine companion has stolen the show on BBC Breakfast this week after an altercation between Carol Kirkwood and a golden Labrador on Monday.

Carol was reporting on the weather from Chelsea ahead of the annual Chelsea Flower Show and was joined by guide dog in training, Flash.

After delivering her report with Flash, the pooch decided to storm off – dragging Carol who clutched hold of his lead.

Dan and Sally in the studio could only watch in anguish as Carol was dragged over, leaving just her feet dangling in the air.

“We’ve got a Kirkwood down, we’ve got a Kirkwood down,” Dan shouted in the studio. “Someone save Carol”

Carol saw the funny side of the incident as she soon returned to her feet laughing away.

As she managed to pull herself up and put her earpiece back in, Carol joked: “Flash is strong.”

BBC Breakfast airs daily at 6am on BBC One.

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