Yellowstone season 5 theory – Colby’s dad to rip son away from ranch

Yellowstone season five premiere teased in trailer

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Colby (played by Denim Richards) and the rest of the Yellowstone Ranch’s bunkhouse will face a fresh batch of challenges when the Paramount drama return for season five on November 13. Whether it be John Dutton’s (Kevin Costner) campaign to be governor or Market Equities vowing revenge on Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly), it’s safe to say the family will need all the support they need going forward. However, could it be ranch hand Colby who’ll need to call on the Duttons when a blast from the past threatens his place on the ranch?

Colby had been a mainstay in the bunkhouse since the very first episode of Yellowstone.

Alongside the likes of Ryan (Ian Bohen), Lloyd (Forrie J Smith) and Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White), Colby has proven his worth to John over and over again, even wearing the ranch’s brand.

And in recent years, he’s even sparked an unlikely romance with Teeter (Jen Landon) in view of his bunkmates.

But when asked by a fan what he would choose as a storyline for his character if he could, Richards shared hopes that could hint at a much darker storyline for the rancher.

Speaking on the YouTube series Chatting with B, Richards said: “Okay, a storyline for my character? 

“Erm, I think an interesting storyline for Colby – I mean, to even try and throw anything into the ring, Taylor [Sheridan] does such a great job…

“If you’re saying, ‘Denim, selfishly what do you want to see for your character?’ I think it’d be interesting to see the place that I left before I got to Yellowstone.

“If that place would come after me on the Yellowstone to try and bring me back.

“I kind of imagined for Colby’s storyline that he was working for his dad,” Richards revealed.

“And that his dad owned a mini-ranch and his dad wanted him to be like him and he wanted bigger so I think he just left.

“So I’m waiting to see and I think Colby is just waiting to see if his dad is ever going to come and force him to come back to their smaller ranch and see what that interaction would be like and navigating that.”

Richards didn’t confirm if this storyline will take place but could showrunner Taylor Sheridan have similar ideas in his head?

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The theory would certainly be in line with Colby’s arc as very little of his backstory has been touched upon before.

In fact, the only reference to his family life has come from Jimmy who often teases Colby about being romantically involved with his mother.

And given Colby and Teeter have only grown in popularity amongst the fandom thanks to their romance, could he be set for a much more prominent role in the upcoming seasons or beyond?

One thing that is for sure in season five is Colby, Ryan and co will welcome a new bunkmate.

Rowdy (Kai Caster) will join the fray in season five and given how well outsiders integrate into the bunkhouse, it’s safe to presume there may be tensions on the way.

After all, Walker (Ryan Bingham) and Lloyd’s tumultuous relationship resulted in a bone-crushing final face-off under the supervision of Rip (Cole Hauser).

But will Rowdy prove to be opposition to Colby or will he keep his head down and get his jobs done?

Yellowstone season 5 premieres on the Paramount Network in the USA on November 13. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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