Who is Zoe Laverne dating now?

TIKTOK star Zoe Laverne is expecting her first child with her baby daddy Dawson Day.

On February 22, the 19-year-old internet sensation posted a photograph of two positive pregnancy tests on her Instagram story.

Who is Zoe Laverne dating now?

Since November 2020, Laverne has been dating fellow TikToker Day, 20.

Day has amassed over 75,000 followers on Instagram and more than one million on TikTok.

The 20-year-old father-to-be has stuck by Laverne even after she received backlash for kissing underage fan Connor Joyce last year.

Day blasted the critics who claimed he is not the father to Laverne's baby, writing, "Well… we're expecting! we couldn't be happier. & for the idiots talking s*** I am the father.

"Zoe and Connor didn't do anything to have a baby. That's impossible. And if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. That's disgusting and a real low blow to talk s*** ab an unborn child.

"It's sickening. Please send positive vibes only!," Day added.

In November 2020, Laverne was rumored to have been arrested following allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a minor.

Video circulated online appearing to show the 19-year-old kissing Joyce, a 13-year-old fan who had appeared in videos alongside her before.

Fans slammed Laverne over the alleged relationship she had with Connor. 

However, she insisted that the baby she is expecting is Day's and wrote on Instagram stories: “This is the father of my child. Stop saying otherwise. How would that even make any kind of sense?"

Did Zoe and Dawson get engaged?

On May 2, Laverne announced that she and Day were engaged.

The 19-year-old social media star posted a series of pictures on her Instagram to share the news.

The pictures showed Day and Laverne enjoying their gender reveal party.

However, the event turned out to be a surprise for Laverne as Day went on his knee and proposed to her.

The sweet moment was also captured in pictures and was shared on the couple's Instagram and TikTok accounts.

Laverne also shared her engagement ring, captioning the series the flicks, “best day of my life. thank you to @jamidayrn and @mamalaverne for making this such a special day and thank you to everyone who came.

"I love you all so much. I love you Dawson Brady, so happy to be Zoe Day.”

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