Vikings: Ubbe star reveals behind the scenes secrets from first day ‘Travis slapped me!’

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Season six of History Channel’s popular medieval drama is hoped to conclude its sixth season later this year on Amazon Prime Video. Showrunner Michael Hirst and the cast of Vikings have reflected on the show’s legacy for Comic-Con @ Home, and detailed some surprising on-set confrontations.


Jordan Patrick Smith’s Ubbe joined the cast of the period action-drama in season four and has since become one of Vikings’ most enduring characters.

Ubbe was initially introduced in season two as the five-year-old son of former series lead Ragnar Lothbrok (played by Travis Fimmell).

Smith has gone on to reprise his role in each subsequent season, and became one of his half-brother Bjorn Ironside’s (Alexander Ludwig) most trusted allies.

Before his death in season four, Ubbe’s father Ragnar assumed the position as the new King of Kattegat.

In a pivotal scene, Ragnar encourages any challengers to come forward, whereupon a brave Ubbe steps up, only to affirm his father’s leadership with an embrace.

Despite their on-screen personas’ strong familial bond in the series, Jordan Patrick Smith recalled a somewhat violent moment between himself and co-star Travis Fimmell when he first joined the cast.

Smith appeared alongside showrunner Michael Hirst and cast members Fimmel, Ludwig, Katheryn Winnick and Clive Standen to look back at Vikings’ best bits.

During the Comic-Con panel, Smith revealed a surprising clash occurred on his first day.

He recalled: “I do remember my first day on the set because Travis slapped me in the face 45 times. That was my introduction to Vikings.”

A startling reminder of Ragnar’s harsh parenting methods was caught on camera when he slapped the older Ubbe near the beginning of season four.

However, Smith confirmed the scene was shot so many times, Fimmell ended up slapping his on-screen son over forty times to make the intensity of the scene as authentic as possible.

The star continued and remarked on the immense pressure of joining such an acclaimed series at a crucial point in its anticipated fourth season.

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He recounted: “When I first came to set it was big shoes to fill. I remember walking down the hills and someone said ‘please don’t mess this up, our jobs depend on you.’”

Thankfully, the atmosphere wasn’t all pep talks and high expectations, as Smith confirmed he soon felt at home amongst the cast and crew.

He went on: “But I also remember everyone being so welcoming. It was our first time in Ireland together, four brothers, and everyone was so welcoming.”

Despite the friendliness when the cameras weren’t rolling, one of Ubbe’s first moments as a grown man in season four was an unpleasant interaction with his father as he vies for the throne.

Smith continued: “Like the scene where Travis smacks me in the face, it’s Travis who wants to be King and he belts me across the side of the ear and he keeps doing it and doing it and doing it.

“And when it got turned around it wasn’t even on me at the time. When it got to me he had to keep slapping me to keep the same emotion and my ear was ringing for days afterwards.

Thankfully, the star looked back on the memory fondly, and joked: “It was quite the Vikings introduction!”

Fans should be assured to know Vikings’ bloodier action scenes make use of special effects and movie magic, so the show’s stars usually don’t go home injured.

Vikings season 6 is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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