Victoria Beckham launches 'everyday' fitness range with £179 hoodie & £35 socks

VICTORIA Beckham has launched an “everyday” range of fitness wear — with hoodies to be had at £179 and socks for £35.

The former Spice Girl, 46, has joined Reebok to offer the “high performance” clobber.

Her website boasts that the hoodie is “crafted from super-soft” cotton and has a “luxe” finish.

The socks “combine functional design with a contemporary aesthetic”.

The range also offers £79 crop tops and leggings for £109.

Victoria earned more from her pop career than fashion last year.

Her music firm netted £3.3million, almost £1million of it from endorsements and other deals from the Spice Girls 2019 reunion tour in which she did not take part.

But Victoria’s fashion firm made pre-tax losses of £16.6million.

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