Trump Targets Obama With New 'Star Wars' Ad

Like a TIE fighter trying to take out the Millennium Falcon, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is targeting President Barack Obama with a new attack ad.

The video opens with a title card that declares, “WE ARE IN A SERIOUS WAR,” before cutting to a cable news montage of the ISIS and ISIS-inspired attacks in Paris and San Bernardino. In the background, a menacing rip-off of the Star Wars score plays.

“OUR PRESIDENT IS BUSY WITH ANOTHER WAR,” the second card reads. The video cuts to Obama telling the White House press corps, “Alright everybody, I’ve got to get to Star Wars,”  at the end of a question and answer session.

“TIME FOR A LEADER WITH REAL PRIORITIES,” the final card reads. “TRUMP: Make America Great Again!”

Trump debuted the campaign ad on his Facebook page on Tuesday, uploading the video with the caption, “We need a real President!”

Trump’s vague but forceful bluster has helped him stay far ahead of his rivals in polls for the Republican nomination. He presently leads his nearest opponent, Ted Cruz, by an average of 17 points. 

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