Tiger King’s Joe Exotic would wake traumatised producer Rick Kirkman ‘by firing gun over his head’ – The Sun

TIGER King's Joe Exotic would wake up his traumatised former producer Rick Kirkman by "firing a gun over my head."

This is the latest in a line of revelations about the wild cat enthusiast who is the focus of the popular Netflix true crime story.

Explaining that his experience with Joe had left him needing therapy years later, Rick told the Mirror Online: "I am still having nightmares about Joe Exotic.

"He used to wake me up by firing a gun over my head. He was crazy."

Rick, who was working with Joe to film a reality show at his zoo in Oklahoma, added: "Joe was the nicest man you could ever meet and also the most evil and you would just want to kill him."

Joe is currently serving 22 years in prison for hiring a hitman to kill animal rights activist Carole Baskin.

Rick, 61, also accused the Netflix star of treating his staff "like dirt".

"He gave them the food that was set aside for the animals which was mostly meat that had expired from the local Walmart store," he claimed.
"The animal trainers ate like animals and were treated like animals by him.

"It was a very dirty environment to live in. We were working 12-14 hours a day as he had to have a camera rolling from the time he got up to the time he went to bed.
"He wanted everything videotaped and that was kind of shocking even the bad things that he done."

Their partnership ended after Rick's studio was burnt down – along with any incriminating footage of 57-year-old Joe.

Rick explained: "Two days before the studio fire I told him that I got a lot of video that would get you in a lot of trouble, so don’t give me any s***.

"I was the only person he couldn’t fire because I was not working for him, I was working for me."

He went on: "Two days later, of course, the studio burned down with all of my footage.
"The last time I ever saw Joe was that argument and he vowed that he would get back at me."

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