There was an epic soap crossover BEFORE the climate change special – but do you remember it?

WE love it when soaps do brilliantly bonkers crossover episodes and show our soap faves in completely unexpected settings.

Earlier this month, Coronation Street joined forces with the other main British soaps for a never-before-done crossover event to raise awareness of climate change.

Emmerdale, EastEnders, Hollyoaks, Holby City, Casualty and Doctors came together with Corrie for the soap first.

Each filmed scenes, or have references, to cover different aspects of climate change and, in a soap first, five of the shows also be referenced each other as each drama also give a nod to another. 

Viewers got to see some of Britain’s best-loved characters pop up in another soap as they discussed or see the moments, that have been debated in another show in a bid to raise awareness of climate change. 

However, it isn't the first time some of our biggest soaps and dramas have crossed over.

One crossover episode you might have forgotten about saw rival soaps Coronation Street and EastEnders come together for a great cause.

It was a one-off episode from East Street, in which the rival hit soaps merged for a BBC Children In Need special on BBC One. 

The unusual episode was broadcast on 19 November 2010 and viewers were driven wild as characters from both Walford and Weatherfield appeared in the same place. 

Fans were gobsmacked as Corrie’s builder Jason Grimshaw swaggered into the Queen Vic and was served by EastEnders’ feisty landlady Kat Slater, who had joined forces with Corrie's Liz McDonald behind the bar of the famous soap boozer.

Michelle Connor also came along to check out the Queen Vic and quickly got on the wrong side of Kat.

While the cobbles' residents made waves in the Vic, EastEnders’ pals Christian and Darren were seen living it up on the Street.

Meanwhile, over in the Minute Mart, Corrie’s shopkeeper Dev confronted EastEnders’ postie Masood.

Elsewhere, Denise and Fatboy had a chat with Gail in Kathy’s cafe, poking fun at the soaps’ overlapping and outlandish storylines.

Hattie Byrne from the Evening Herald called the episode “comedy gold” and praised the hilarious conversation between Denise and Fatboy.

The soaps’ cast members also gushed about the episode, with Diane Parish – who plays Denise in EastEnders – saying at the time: "It's been an honour and a pleasure. I think they should do more of it actually.

"It's been a lot of fun and I was slightly nervous but very honoured to be working with Helen Worth. I think she's lovely and I've always loved her character, Gail."

Kym Marsh, who played Corrie's Michelle Connor, said: "It’s been such fun. That’s the one word I can honestly say and it’s been very funny.

"Of all the soaps we’re the two that don’t really see each other that much or get to mingle, probably because of the distance and all the rivalry stuff that people make up. So it’s nice to show that we do get on and it’s been a pleasure."

Shane Richie, who portrayed Walford’s Alfie Moon, added: "It's been surreal. I loved watching their reactions when I showed them round the Square. And seeing Bev and Jessie behind the bar was strange."

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