'The Circle': Terilisha and Savannah React to Their Feud (Exclusive)

Season 2 of The Circle is already exploding with drama, and we’re so here for it!

Netflix released the first four episodes of the all-new season on Wednesday, and while there’s a lot to unpack, fans can’t seem to stop talking about the feud that’s erupted between the game’s first Top Influencers, Terilisha and Savannah. While viewers are already picking sides on social media (#TeamTerilisha and #TeamSavannah), the ladies are sitting back at home and watching it all unfold on TV for the first time.

So, how are they feeling now that they’ve been able to see both sides? Terilisha and Savannah spilled all in a new interview with ET.

“I actually still agree with myself! I was like, ‘Yeah! Right!'” Terilisha joked to ET’s Ash Crossan. “My mind was still in the same place. It’s interesting to see how it was team her versus team me, and interesting to watch how it was playing out in everyone else’s Circle apartment.”

“I never want her or any player to feel like I ever was out to get them or attack them,” she continued. “I do believe that I can play the game with honesty and integrity. So, that wasn’t the game. That wasn’t my play.”

Of the fan reaction she’s received so far, Terilisha admitted “it’s been kind of crazy.”

“I wanted to have a more positive gameplay and I feel like that kind of just took it in a different direction because that’s so opposite of who I am in real life,” she shared. “But it’s a game, and sometimes the game gets a little dirty.”

“I got a lot of love, so I’m just going to stay on the positive side of that,” she added. “I embrace the love. There are people that are definitely Team Terilisha and I feel it, I feel the love. So thank you, Team Terilisha!”


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Savannah told ET that she “knew it” at the time — and feels the same way now! — that a lot of things between her and Terilisha were likely “lost in translation.”

“That’s what happens when you have a game like The Circle, and when you’re speaking to each other via text the entire time,” she explained. “You lose people’s, you know, where they have diction, whether they’re stressing or not stressing, so you’re left to wonder what exactly did they mean, and ‘Am I perceiving all of this all correctly?'” 

“Watching it back though, I feel pretty confident in a lot of how I felt about people,” she added. 

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While Terilisha is still in the competition and one step closer to winning the $100,000 grand prize, Savannah was blocked from The Circle during episode four. She told ET, however, that she has no regrets about how she played the game.

“I was pretty much over it the moment I got blocked from The Circle,” she said of how things went down between her, Terilisha and the rest of the contestants. “From my perspective, I wasn’t lying, but I am sorry for how I said it.”

As for what Savannah wishes fans of The Circle knew more about her before her departure? “That I’m a very level-headed person and I really thought through every decision,” she replied. “And that, even though I know people are going to come at me sideways online for saving Trevor and not Chloe, that there was a real reason behind everything. Remember, it’s reality TV, and they’re only going to show what is really going to stir the pot.”

New episodes of The Circle launch every Wednesday on Netflix. For more on the players and how to watch, check out ET’s guide to season 2 here.

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