The Chases Bradley Walsh fumes give us a chance as he blasts unfair question

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    The Chase presenter Bradley Walsh hit out an "unfair" question during Wednesday's (August 23) instalment of the ITV show as a contestant battled Shaun Wallace.

    Jill, a foodbank volunteer from Essex had bagged £3,000 in the cash-builder round prior to going head-to-head with 'The Dark Destroyer'.

    And after choosing to play for that sum – rather than risking it for £27,000 or opting for an easier £1,000 – her general knowledge was tested to the limit.

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    Three questions in, Jill was asked: "In what year were the Princes In The Tower thought to have died", and presented with options of A, 1463, B, 1473 or C, 1483.

    It led Bradley, 63, to rage in response: "What sort of question is that? Give us a chance!"

    "You could have said 1363, 14 something and 15 something, give us a bit of a chance.

    "They're right next door to each other! What chance we got? Unfair."

    Jill, who admitted she would spend any potential prize money on getting her "teeth fixed", declared she "couldn't remember" when it occurred, leading Bradley to jokingly ask if she was "there at the time".

    "I'm not that old!" Jill quipped in response.

    Unsurprisingly, she answered the question incorrectly, but made it safely home with her three grand intact – helped by Shaun, who confessed to pressing the "wrong button" when submitting one of his answers.

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    Later, after fellow contestants Peter, Pippa and Jack missed out on the Final Chase, it was left for Jill to go it alone for the cash pot made up solely of her own winnings.

    Sadly, however, the craft enthusiast missed out on the prize money – caught by Wallace with 65 seconds to spare.

    Viewers took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to sympathise with Jill afterwards, meanwhile.

    One commented: "Oh poor Jill.#TheChase."

    Another added: "Poor Jill. #thechase Like kicking a man when he's down. God bless her."

    And a third said: Jill has a voice saying ’What the f***?!’ on a loop in her head…#thechase."

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