The Chase’s Anne Hegerty silenced as contestant scolds her for ‘nasty’ comment


The Chase was back on ITV, albeit with an old episode. Nevertheless, Bradley Walsh was joined in the studio by Anne ‘The Governess’ Hegerty in the Chaser hot seat as well as four more hopeful contestants. After the first two players were wiped out by Anne, and the third adding a little money to the jackpot, it was the turn of Gill and when she faced the table, she scolded the quiz master for her comment about Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett. 


According to fans of the quiz show on Twitter, tonight’s episode did not start off well when Gabriel, a 63-year-old retired nurse lecturer stepped up to the podium and only accumulated £2,000. 

But his lack of correct answers did not faze him after Anne offered him a whopping £20,000 to go high and he did just that. 

It was only a matter of three questions and he was caught up and out of the game. 

Next up was Cat, a 31-year-old who had a better cash builder round answering five questions correctly and facing Anne with a comfortable £5,000. 


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She was tempted to go low for £1,000 or high for an almighty £30,000, but those watching at home saw her stick with her winnings. 

It seems her position on the table didn’t help, as she failed to beat the Chaser and was also knocked out. 

The team’s luck changed when Alex, a 21-year-old games development student stepped up and answered another five questions correctly which he stuck with and added to the jackpot. 

Finally, Gill, a 77-year-old cosmetics sales rep took her place opposite Bradley and during the brief chat with the host she revealed what she would like to spend the winnings on should they beat Anne. 

“If you were to win some money today with it, what would you do with it?” The host asked. 

“I’d buy the leg of a race horse!” Gill joked and Bradley continued: “Which one?” 

“The one that runs the fastest might be a good idea!” The contestant joked. 

“Let’s hope the rest of the horse can keep up with it! And how much is the leg of a race horse?” Bradley questioned.

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“Oh gosh, quite a lot of money really. Even just the little ones that won’t do very good will cost me a lot of money,” Gill said. 

After explaining how she would like to buy herself a race horse, she faced the table and stuck with her £3,000. 

Anne took this opportunity to joke with the contestant about her aspirations to own a race horse and said: “I had the leg of a race horse once and the Beast finished it off for me.” 

Shocked, Gill replied: “That’s nasty.


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As for how the instalment ended, Alex and Gill managed to get 18 steps in the final chase. 

But after several unsuccessful pushbacks, Anne caught them with 40 seconds remaining and the jackpot was wiped.

The Chase airs weekday evenings at 5pm on ITV. 


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