Teen Mom Jenelle Evans admits son Jace's behavior is 'bad & rebellious' after preteen 'sets fire to his grandma's home'

TEEN Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans has admitted her oldest son Jace's behavior has been "bad and rebellious" after once claiming in court papers he "set fire" to his grandmother's home.

The mom of three has been in a court battle with her mother, Barbara Evans, over custody of the 11-year-old.

While Barbara has had primary custody of Jace since he was a toddler, Jenelle wants her boy back at her North Carolina house full-time as he allegedly struggles with behavioral issues at school and at home.

Jenelle told The Sun exclusively about her son's troubles: “Jace wasn't on his best behavior at my mom's house, and that's one of my big concerns right now: His behavior is just bad.

“I don't know if it's because he's getting older and is becoming a rebellious teenager, but I know everything is fine at my house and he loves it here.

"He loves spending time with his siblings and spending time as a family. It's time to come here."

Jenelle currently maintains custody of Jace every other weekend, and two months straight in the summer.

The former MTV star said she believes Jace will stop acting out if he lives with her and her husband, David Eason, on a full-time basis.

She said: “With the conflict that's going on at my mom's house, it's unnecessary for them to be together full-time.

"I think it's time for him to come here."

Jenelle said she and her mother "will probably not ever repair" their bond, but will always allow Jace to see his grandmother if she does get primary custody.

As The Sun exclusively reported, Jenelle first asked the court to grant emergency custody to her on January 28, 2021.   

According to the custody filing, Jenelle claimed there has been a “substantial change in circumstances affecting the welfare of the minor child” that warrants a change in the custody agreement.  

The former Teen Mom 2 star claimed Jace is “at risk of bodily injury” in the care of his grandmother, which is why she filed for emergency custody.  

Jenelle alleged Jace has had “increasingly worse behavior problems that cause him to be physically aggressive, out of control and unsafe.” 

The YouTuber claimed Barbara told her she “cannot control the minor child’s behaviors.” 

Barbara was instructed by his health care provider “multiple times” to call a crisis hotline or go to the Emergency Department if Jace’s “aggression escalates,” Jenelle alleged in the filing.  

Jenelle noted an alleged December 19, 2020 incident where Jace and Barbara “argued throughout the day.” 

The court papers claimed: “The minor child physically assaulted [Barbara] twice causing injury to [Barbara.] The Minor child also burned the carpet because he was angry with [Barbara]. 

“The minor child has a history of starting fires in the home of [Barbara].” 

Jenelle claimed her mother “did not contact the crisis line or seek any treatment or professional help for the minor child during this incident.” 

The JE Cosmetics owner alleged Barbara reached out to Jenelle for help with Jace.  

Jenelle claimed that on December 20, 2020, she picked up Jace to bring him to live with her primarily at the consent of Barbara. But she said her mother soon demanded the preteen be returned to her home.

Jenelle, who is also mom to Kaiser, 6, with ex-fiance Nathan Griffith and Ensley, 4, with husband David, said Jace’s behavior “improves substantially” in her care and that they “do not struggle with conflict or aggression.” 

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