Teddy and Faye are being ‘tested’ by Love Island producers so they make it to the final, predict fans

LOVE Island fans have predicted Teddy and Faye are being "tested" by the producers so they can make it to the final.

Their relationship hit a snag yesterday when the girls in the main villa received a postcard showing everyone but Jake kissing another girl.

Faye swore Teddy off after seeing him share a kiss, despite the fact he has been the only boy other than Jake to stay outside and not share a bed with a girl.

Some fans are now convinced this is all a test to make sure Teddy and Faye have a storyline to take them to the final.

Speaking on the Love Island Reddit, one person said: "I think Teddy and Faye will reunite and come out stronger 🤞"

Another predicted: "I imagine she won't want to speak to him initially, but when she cools off a bit hopefully he can just openly say that he did have a flirt with girls in CA and partook in truth and dare when he could have sat out, but then he realized it was all about faye for him and he slept outside

"Faye can say she started having doubts and closed herself off once she saw the image, became convinced he was gonna bring someone back, etc etc. Tell him she hadn't looked at anyone til she saw the postcard and felt disrespected, etc etc.

"They hash out their problems, realize they still fancy each other, and skip their way into the finale"

This comes after furious Love Island fans said they are going to call Ofcom and accused the show of "playing" Teddy.

Last night they watched on in shock as Teddy's Truth or Dare game kiss with a Casa Amor newbie was included in a series of pics delivered to the original girls in a bid to cause friction.

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In reality Teddy has been pining for his partner Faye all the way through the villa swap and has no interest in trading her.

Meanwhile Liam escaped virtually scot-free with his kisses conveniently left off the card, leaving him free to resume things with his partner Millie without repercussions.

Viewers are now weighing up whether or not to lodge official complaints, with one writing on Twitter: "does anyone have the link to ofcom where i can report this???? the way you set up teddy & faye is so sickening!"

Another posted: "Has anyone complained to @Ofcom about @itv2 today? I cannot believe they’re allowed to get away with defaming Teddy like this? Poor Faye! #LoveIsland."

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