Seven huge EastEnders spoilers for next week including Mick Carter’s care home visit and Linda's dangerous move

MICK Carter visits his old care home with his abuser Katy Lewis next week in EastEnders – as Linda and Max share another kiss. 

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening next week in the BBC One soap…

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1. Mick visits his old care home

Mick will insist on visiting his old care home next week and dragging along Katy, who’s worried about what the visit might make Mick remember.

With Mick clearly struggling, Katy suggests his trauma might have something to do with Shirley abandoning him as a child. 

But might the visit bring back old memories for Mick?

2. Linda turns to Max

Later, Linda plans an anniversary party at home to celebrate a date they had back when they were 12. 

But Mick freaks out when Linda tries to get him to take a walk down memory lane. 

Mick refuses to open up about what’s unsettling him and Linda takes herself off to the park, where Max happens to spot her and talk her out of having a drink. 

Ian watches from afar as the pair share a kiss, an idea forming in his head.

3. Ian angers Max

When Max threatens to kick Sharon out of the pub if Ian doesn’t pay up, Ian warns him he’s now got the upper hand after seeing him kiss Linda. 

A furious Max leaves, hatching a plan to get revenge against Ian.

As Bobby prepares for the Lucy Beale Award night at the pub, Ian tells Sharon he’s sorted things with Max and won’t be selling the pub. 

But Max pops up in the kitchen and threatens Ian, ordering him to give him his money back or he’ll put him out his misery. 

Ian watches Sharon do the banking and forms an idea. 

What is he planning now?

4. Ian upsets Rainie

Ian later causes trouble when he lets slip that Tiffany is planning to be Rainie and Stuart’s surrogate in front of Whitney, who then puts doubts in Tiff’s mind.

Jack, who Whitney tells about the development, also tells Tiffany it’ll all end in tears and reminds her that paying a surrogate is illegal.

Later, Ian makes yet another enemy when Rainie lashes out at him for putting doubts in Tiffany’s mind about the surrogacy by telling Whitney. 

Ian shares some harsh truths, leaving Stuart furious and desperate for revenge. 

5. Ian is arrested

Later, the Lucy Beale Award night kicks off and everyone is shocked when the big announcement is made. 

As Ian gloats about the award to Elliot from the Gazette, Ben arrives fuming but notices that the police are approaching.

Ben assumes they're here to talk to him but everyone is stunned when the police arrest Ian.

Kathy rushes to the station to help Ian, but he quickly blames Kathy for his arrest. 

6. Tina hatches a plan

Meanwhile, Tina pays a visit to Mick and is gutted to see how sad visiting the care home has made him. 

Convinced he’s down because he’s lost The Vic, Tina starts her mission to get rid of Ian for good. 

Tina tells Mick he can get the pub back, but Mick tells her she doesn’t understand what she’s going through and a row erupts between the pair.

7. Ian is attacked

Later, viewers will see Ian lying motionless on the floor after an attack. 

With half the Square having turned against Ian, the big question is: who is the attacker?

EastEnders has revealed that the fallout of Ian's attack will leave Walford in turmoil this Christmas as the multiple suspects do their best to cover their tracks.

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