Seven EastEnders spoilers as Sharon goes on a mission to save Ben

THREE months have passed since Ben Mitchell witnessed his husband Callum Highway being beaten.

But the trauma is still very much present and Sharon Watts takes charge. Get the lowdown on this week's drama in EastEnders.

1. Ben gets violent

EastEnders fan know murder hasn't been out of bounds for Ben Mitchell (played by Max Bowden) in the past.

But it seems he has tried to steer away from his father's criminal habits for a while.

However, three months after seeing his other half Callum (Tony Clay) get a battering during a horrifying homophobic attack, Ben is clearly struggling to keep out of trouble.

Coming up, Callum is set to become the new face of a campaign aimed at the LGBTQI+ community – and Ben is worried.

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Despite his fears, Kathy's new bar manager Lewis is encouraging and pushes Callum to go through with it.

Later on, Lewis invites Ben on a night out but both men are interrupted by a group of men hurling homophobic abuse.

Although Lewis brushes it all off, Ben is furious and is ready to get even but he is stopped in his tracks by Kim Fox (Tameka Empson).

The following day, Ben hasn't forgotten the heckling… and is pleased to find one of the men, Steve, in the Square.

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The pair are in the gym's alley when Ben decides to brutally attack him.

But Ben won't get away with it as Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) catches her former stepson red-handed.

2. Sharon makes a desperate move

When Sharon finds Ben with Steve, she decides to cover for him by telling Callum she found Steve unconscious in the alley.

But she later pleads with Ben and tells him he can't behave like this.

However, she knows deep down she probably hasn't managed to get through to him.

Sharon turns to Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace), who happens to be engaged to Ben's imprisoned father Phil, and asks her to keep Ben away from the latter's businesses.

She claims Ben is too fragile to handle anything but Kat struggles with her own son and ignores Sharon.

Determined to keep Ben out of trouble, Sharon pays Phil (Steve McFadden) a visit in prison to tell him everything.

Sharon then suggests her ex-husband revisits DCI Keeble's offer.

But will the Walford tough guy even consider it?

3. Linda's drinking gets worse

Returning character Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) finds it hard to move on and, after a fight with Janine, turns to alcohol once again.

To her daughter Nancy's (Maddy Hill) surprise, Linda is staying with Sharon Watts.

But after a night spent with Zack, she makes it clear she wants nothing to do with her mother.

Later, Linda sparks concern when Nancy discovers bottles of alcohol in her suitcase as well as a family photo.

Feeling guilty, Nancy goes to talk to Linda and offer her an olive branch.

But will this help her battle her addiction, which is known to have torn her family apart in the past?

4. Jean pops the question

The cleaner's downward spiral reaches another level as Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) asks for her boyfriend's hand in marriage, this week.

Jean is first seen by Whitney Dean and Martin Fowler (Shona McGarty and James Bye) tumbling out of a limo after a night out.

A dishevelled Jean is taken back to Sharon's home and she talks about the previous night's events with a stag do as she rummages through Linda's suitcase to admire her clothes.

Meanwhile, Harvey sulks over his recent breakup with Jean but she wants to clear the air between them.

When she notices the groom from the stag do she attended getting married, Jean catches the bouquet as he awkwardly tries to get rid of her.

Happier and more determined than ever, she surprises the cabbie and proposes to him.

But how will Harvey react?

More importantly, what will Jean's daughter Stacey have to say about their engagement?

5. Stacey makes a shock discovery

Stacey (Lacey Turner) is fully aware her mother is going through a manic episode caused by her bipolar disorder and has tried to get her to see a doctor.

This week, she leaves Jean with no choice and tells her she has a doctor's appointment the upcoming Friday.

A furious Jean storms off but things take a turn for her when she is spotted by Nancy in her mother Linda's scarf.

Since her return to Walford, Linda has been staying at Sharon Watts' home, where Jean was caught ruffling through her clothes.

Jean denies stealing the scarf thinking Nancy will be none the wiser.

However, Nancy doesn't let anything go and tells Stacey what happened.

6. Bernie leads a revolt

Bernie Taylor (Clair Norris) readapts to life in Albert Square this week after coming back and giving birth to a baby boy.

But this doesn't go as planned.

Coming up, Bernie is approached by Vinny Panesar (Shiv Jalota) as he offers her job back.

Her mother Karen (Lorraine Stanley), on the other hand, advises her to get some rest instead.

But after refusing Rainie's offer to see Roland, Bernie gets some advice from Kim Fox and tells Vinny she'll return to work.

Although she's happy to see her old friend Molly at Ruby's, Bernie is quickly shocked to see the new terms of her contract.

Fuming, Bernie leads a walkout with the rest of the employees present, leaving Vinny stunned.

He tries to convince Bernie and the others to stop protesting but when she spots Rainie, her heart breaks over Roland.

She becomes more defiant than ever.

Meanwhile, Dotty Cotton (Milly Zero) is trying to convince Vinny's mother Suki Panesar that he's more than capable of managing the business.

At a loss, Vinny finally turns to manager Dotty and she takes action while making sure Suki doesn't find out.

Dotty threatens to fire Bernie on the spot but her plan fails.

Dotty returns with paperwork to prove the contracts are legal but a stubborn Bernie refuses to back down.

Could this cause more trouble for Bernie?

7. Stuart goes through surgery

Meanwhile, Rainie and Stuart Highway (Tanya Franks and Ricky Champ) are hopeful his cancer battle is over.

In recent months, Stuart has refused to come to terms with his condition after he was diagnosed with male breast cancer.

But when Bernie demanded he faced the music before she could give them baby Roland, Stuart accepted his fate.

This week, Stuart faces surgery.

But when he spots Linda sneaking alcohol into a drink, he tells Rainie about his fear of being addicted to painkillers again.

Once he is out of surgery, Stuart insists he's not in pain but when he finds it hard to reach Roland, his grandmother Vi (Gwen Taylor) sees his struggle.

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