Roku to top 100 million US users this year, reaching nearly half of the country's CTV users

  • Roku will surpass 100 million US users this year.
  • This massive growth is likely due to its aggressive licensing strategy, helping the company maximize household penetration. 
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Roku continues to be a major beneficiary of the increase in streaming this year, and we now estimate that it will have 100.2 million US users in 2020, a 26.4% increase year over year.

This figure represents nearly half (48.6%) of the country's connected TV (CTV) users, a demographic that has become a higher priority for advertisers during the pandemic.

Roku's relatively low prices and aggressive approach to licensing its operating software has helped it maximize household penetration in the US and beyond. In January, Roku announced that 15 TV brands would launch Roku TV models in North America and the UK, giving the CTV company access to a much wider range of devices across different price points, in both regions.

This strategy will continue to help Roku gain market share in the future, and we estimate that by the end of 2021, more than half (51.6%) of all CTV users in the US will use a Roku device.

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