RHOC's Tamra Judge gets breast implants removed and shows off plastic surgery results with fans in candid photos

RHOC'S Tamra Judge got her breast implants removed and she showed off her plastic surgery results with fans in candid photos.

The 53-year-old took to Instagram to document the day-long procedure, recording herself in a hospital gown and a surgical cap as she prepared for the surgery.

Her husband, Eddie supported Tamra at her bedside as the reality star gave fans a glimpse of her hospital room, which included Bravo cameras.

The TV personality made an appearance on her Instagram Stories post-surgery giving a piece sign to the camera while recovering in her hospital bed, as well as on the ride home.

She said to the camera: "I did it. I couldn't do it without this guy," directing the lens towards her husband of eight years. "I love you baby so much."

She then proceeded to update fans on the success of the procedure.

"Hi guys, I am alive. The surgery went great. They removed my implants, the capsule around it, and I'm really looking forward to feeling better, not having to deal with all these issues. I pray to God that helps with everything."

Upon arriving home, Tamra shared a couple of mirror selfies with her noticeably smaller breasts all bandaged up.

Goodbye implants

Last month, the TV star shared a braless snapshot of herself in an Instagram story before undoing explant surgery to safely remove her breast implants. 

Her "boobies" were covered up by two GIFS of round oranges in the snap.

After taking a selfie with her plastic surgeon, Dr. Ambe, the Real Housewives of Orange County star opened up about her experience during an Instagram Q&A session.

In one of Instagram stories, the reality star admitted she had undergone explant surgery about nine years ago. 

About five years ago, Tamra further explained that she gave herself "very small" implants. 

The Real Housewives star confessed she was getting her breast implants removed because of "autoimmune issues."

In another Instagram story, Tamra responded that she was exhausted from "being tired and inflamed."

In the following Instagram story, Tamra replied she had not gotten "hives" as "one" of the side effects.

As the session continued, the RHOC alum revealed she wouldn't have "rushed to have" her breast implants "removed."

When the Instagram stories concluded, Tamra mentioned she was "getting a lift" and shared a list of symptoms from implant illnesses.

A Real Housewives return?

At the beginning of June, RHOC's alums Tamra and Heather Dubrow, 52, were set for a surprise return to the show.

Sources close to the Bravo program teased that former cast members Tamra and Heather were signing up for the new season.

Tamra made her dramatic exit from the show last year, alongside Vicki Gunvalson, who said producers fired them in favor of “younger blood." 

On a potential return to RHOC, Tamra told Us Weekly: "It’s not one of those things where I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m dying to go back'.

"And it depends on the cast. If it’s a good cast, then yeah, but if it’s a really bad cast, it can really change things and make it not fun and not worth the stress."

The TV star added: "But, I mean, I would love to see Heather come back. I would like to come back with Heather and get rid of some of the people that are currently on the show that just have been played out."

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