Reality Steve Just Dropped THE Most Major 'Bachelor in Paradise' Spoiler

Um, hi there, are you casually in the mood for some Bachelor in Paradise intel? Same, though nothing could have prepared me for the tea Reality Steve just spilled. But before we get into it, it goes without saying that you’re about to find out what happens in Paradise, making this entire article a massive spoiler. In fact, lemme just….

SPOILERS about the unhinged mess known as Bachelor in Paradise are ahead! If that’s not your thing (I’m pretty sure it is, but) turn back now!

Kay, so, here’s some background before we get into the spoiler: Reality Steve previously spoiled that former Bachelorette star Becca Kufrin would be on the show’s 7th season, prompting a lot of speculation about whomst from Bachelor Nation she could end up dating. And uh, it looks like we have our answer. According to Steve, Becca entered into a relationship with Thomas Jacobs from Katie’s season—who was kicked off the show last night due to being there for the “wrong reasons” (read: wanting to be the next Bachelor).

Thomas and Becca getting together is obviously HUGE news, especially since Steve says they were “heavily involved.” That said, it looks like they’ve already ended things—meaning they didn’t get engaged in Paradise.

Here’s what Steve said:

“(BIP SPOILER): If you thought Thomas got a lot of air time this season, just wait til Paradise. Thomas is heavily involved with Becca Kufrin for the last half of BIP, but, she eventually breaks up with him before the finale.”

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