Rashida Jones To Lead Dayside Programming At MSNBC

MSNBC announced a big change in its executive ranks on Tuesday: Rashida Jones is taking on another role leading MSNBC’s daytime programming, while retaining her role as senior vice president of specials for NBC News and MSNBC.

NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack and MSNBC President Phil Griffin made the announcement in a memo to employees on Wednesday.

“Rashida is well known at MSNBC in her current role, and as the former Managing Editor of dayside,” they wrote. “She now brings a whole new level of expertise from the network, in terms of breaking news—as she has done by managing special reports; by producing live events on a massive scale—as she did with our most recent political debates; and by driving major cross-network initiatives—as she did with last year’s Justice for All series.

Dan Arnall will have oversight of the dayside shows, and will report to Jones, along with Betsy Korona. Primetime executive producers will report to Griffin. Jonathan Wald will now serve as senior executive producer of The 11th Hour with Brian Williams.

Last June, MSNBC appointed Wald, senior VP of programming and development, and Arnall, MSNBC executive editor, to run daytime.

“The steps we have taken over the last few years—by infusing the great work of MSNBC with the enormous resources and journalistic heft of NBC News—have prepared us for this moment,” they wrote. “And now, reporting on a crisis unlike any of us has ever seen, we are more committed than ever to the mission of breaking more news throughout the day.”

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