Piers Morgan and Helen Whately second clash sees almost 1000 new complaints

Good Morning Britain has been hit with another 966 complaints following a second head-to-head row between Piers Morgan and Helen Whately.

The Care Minister appeared once again on GMB yesterday (Wednesday) to discuss the government’s latest developments on coronavirus testing, lack of personal protection equipment (PPE) and reported care home deaths.

However, a week after Whately’s first appearance on the show prompted 1910 complaints to the broadcasting watchdog, the second interview proved to be just as fiery as the first.

Ofcom has confirmed to Metro.co.uk hat 966 people complained about the latest spat – but they were unable to currently state whether those reporting the interview were for or against Piers Morgan’s interview tactics, which some have branded ‘bullying’ as he ‘refused to let Whately talk’.

The broadcasting watchdog was hit with 1910 complaints about the TV anchor’s behaviour towards the MP last Wednesday, when he asked her ‘what’s wrong with you?’ after she was seen sniggering awkwardly in their conversation. 

On this Wednesday’s show, the pair butted heads again and Whately complained that he was ‘talking over her’ when asking questions about government actions.

In response, Piers told her that ‘her answers were just waffling’ and that she wasn’t answering what he was asking her around the number of deaths of care workers, which she claimed to be 17 people have died, when other reports claim over 40.

Yesterday’s interview initially sparked just 214 complaints, but the surge in number comes after Piers Morgan encouraged viewers to speak up in his defence to Ofcom.

As a result of the hike following his tweet, Ofcom are still processing on what side the complaints are on.

Following the interview, Piers insisted that he was not ‘bullying’ the politician, but simply doing his job, accusing the government of withholding the number of deaths for political gain.

‘It’s not “bullying” or “hounding” or “unfair” to push a Care minister hard on how many care home residents & workers have died from COVID-19,’ he wrote.

‘It’s called “holding Govt to account”. The Govt is grossly understating the real number, I suspect for political reasons.’

Metro.co.uk has approached GMB for comment.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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