Peaky Blinders fans rejoice as main star is murdered in twist during shoot out

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Peaky Blinders fans were in tears as the series came to an end on Sunday night (April 3rd).

BBC viewers were left on the edge of their seats as a main character was killed off in a twisted state of affairs.

In the final episode Tommy's cousin Michael Gray is released from prison and vows to kill the leader of Birmingham gang and Shelby Company Ltd as revenge for the death of his mother.

Michael hatches a plan with his wife Gina, with the twosome conspiring to take out the entire Shelby clan – including Tommy's brother Arthur and Finn.

Gina received a phone call where she is handed details regarding Arthur's whereabouts, explaining that he'll be dining in a specific restaurant celebrating his anniversary.

After speaking to the unknown informant she urges Michael to kill the entire gang in order to become king but Michael at first seems reluctant to take her advise.

Michael later confirms that Tommy and Arthur will both be taken out.

Arthur certainly dances with death in a tense shoot out but nothing slips past the cunning Peaky Blinders who have a master plan up their sleeves.

While Arthur does receive a nasty wound to his shoulder after being shot, he has a lethal gas in his back pocket which saves the day.

As Arthur has the upper-hand and pulls the final trigger, getting his revenge for the death of his aunt Polly.

Meanwhile, Tommy is about to meet with his cousin Michael who had hatched a plan to blow him up with a car bomb.

As Michael sits at a bar with a drink in hand a huge explosion was shown behind him, with fans terrified that Tommy had been killed.

However, the leader of the Peaky Blinders proved to outsmart his enemy yet again and was ready and waiting with a gun in hand as Michael left the bar.

Fans of the show complained that the episode was so tense they were going to need medical assistance to calm their nerves.

"What a f***ing scene, on edge of my f***ing seat #PeakyBlinders," said one.


A third said: "Gonna need an ambulance before this is done #PeakyBlinders #menerves."

While others rejoiced that Michael had faced his fate, one person wrote: "So glad Michael is gone #peakyblinders," a second penned: "Yes so glad Tommy didn't die #peakyblinders" and a third added: "Michael is dead, yes."

The plot thickened after Tommy had been told by a doctor that he had 18 months to live after they'd discovered a tumour.

But in the final segment of the last episode Tommy chases down the doctor who delivered the tragic news and it is alluded that he isn't dying after all.

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