North West fans spot 9-year-old's 'shocking' beauty treatment in new pic and slam Kim Kardashian for 'lack of parenting' | The Sun

NORTH West fans have called out her manicure for being too mature for her age on social media.

Critics attacked Kim Kardashian's parenting style after she allowed her oldest daughter North to sport fake nails at the 2023 Met Gala.

For the most part, North's Met Gala look was age-appropriate.

The nine-year-old sported a chic tweed blazer over a white top that she accessorized with a pearl necklace, similar to the ones that covered Kim's, 42, outfit.

She kept it casual on the bottom, rocking baggy jeans and chunky black boots.

North's hair was styled in a sleek half-up, half-down style, and she also appeared to be carrying a purse that looked like a massive pearl.

What took the look too far for a pre-teen was the long nails.

North's intricately designed nail extensions were something that many fans felt was beyond her age range.

Recently fans shared on a Kardashians-themed Reddit forum their disapproving opinions of North's Met aesthetic.

"The high block heels, the nails, the makeup… she is only 9 years old ! She looks like a teenager, poor North," one fan slammed.

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Another cosigned: "Yes! Could be real fake nails or press on. Let children be children, Kimothy stop making North your mini me!!"

A third person ranted: "It’s honestly shocking to me that this child is 9 years old and not 13-14.

"She could be at home playing dress up at that rate. Kim is such a sorry excuse for a parent."

A fourth person raged: "Poor north is only nine and having to grow up so soon and not have any kind of age-appropriate childhood.

"This is going to affect her mental health and as if she’s not going to have to deal with enough when she learns everything about her family on social media."


Out of all the people who chastised Kim's choice to let her daughter don special nails, there were a few who upheld it.

"I'm a teacher. Kids this young, and even younger, go to school with fake nails everyday. It's common!," one person admitted.

Another revealed: "At that age I would have worn fake nails to an event. They are hopefully just the ones you press on."

A third person defended: "I snark on a lot with them but I don’t think it matters if she has on false nails tbh I loved them as a kid."

A fourth noted: "I think what kids like and what’s age-appropriate, should be decided by a parent its important."

Someone else added: "The nails are, by far, the least of my concern."


More fans than not accuse Kim of not being enough of a disciplinary parent, not only to North but also to her other siblings.

The comments came after photos captured Kim with her son Saint, 7, and his friends out in London in early March.

While the rain poured down on the mother-son duo, The Kardashians star showed off her white fur coat as Hulu's camera crew followed them around.

Although the youngster was surrounded by his friends, eagle-eyed fans noticed Saint appeared upset during their stroll.

A critic mentioned: "Saint's face doesn't lie. She's the worst."

Another critic added: "It bugs me that after how exposed Saint is.

"Kim's repeating the cycle with these kids. Protect those kids at all costs. They’re not a storyline."

The U.S. Sun recently revealed that Kim has been prepping North for her successful future as she filed four new trademarks in her daughter's name on March 10, 2023.

While Kim appears to be just giving North a head start, many fans are interpreting her power moves as stripping her daughter of her childhood.

One fan judged: "Poor North. At 9 she should have the freedom to want to grow up to be an artist, a singer, an astronaut, a firewoman, an actress, anything.

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"But her mother is so GD narcissistic she basically doomed & groomed her into becoming 'the next Kim.'"

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