NCIS season 19: Is Special Agent Alden Park the serial killer?

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NCIS season 18 ended on one of the most gripping cliffhangers yet for the series. But, during the final moments of the season, Agent Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) ended with the veteran cop no closer to solving the mystery of the serial killer. With Gary Cole joining the cast of the CBS drama as the mysterious Alden Park, many now believe he could be behind the killings.

Is Special Agent Alden Park the serial killer?

When season 18 of NCIS came to a close, many viewers were left wondering where the series could go moving forward.

One of the main lynchpins holding the 19th season together is the true identity of the serial killer.

Since the last season finished, theories have been spiralling across social media, with almost every character being suggested at one point or another.

However, some theories have more weight behind them, and Alden Park’s arrival seems to suggest he could have been season 18’s big bad all along.

First, very little has been revealed about Alden ahead of season 19, with the only major information so far confirmed being that he works for the FBI. 

As he will be played by Gary Cole, the star power behind the character leads some to suspect he will be a foil for Gibbs.

Cole is known for starring in roles such as The Good Fight, Mixed-Ish, Office Space, and One Hour Photo.

Taking to Reddit, dedicated fans have been discussing who Alden could really be.

User Lifesariskcarnel1 wrote: “Cole is going to be the serial killer… too big of a name to not be either the killer or maybe some legend NCIS Agent.” (sic)

Yet, another user hit back: “Based on press releases, Cole’s character is an FBI agent. Not to say he couldn’t be the serial killer, but that would be quite a twist.”

“Personally, I think NCIS needs a twist like that,” a third agreed.

However, Alden’s inclusion is likely for a more practical, real-world reason than that.

It was reported that Gibbs would only be appearing in a handful of episodes during the 19th season, suggesting Harmon is easing out of the role.

In fact, it was reported that Harmon was looking to leave the series entirely, though he came to an agreement with CBS to remain part of the cast. 

Yet, CBS will be keen to line up a potential replacement for Gibbs in case season 19 does turn out to be the last time he is involved in the show.

As such, Cole seems like a perfect replacement to step in the shoes Gibbs could leave behind.

One fan on Reddit appears to believe this is the case, writing: “Sadly I think they are keeping Gibbs in retirement and Cole is his replacement.

“Gibbs will make the occasional appearance but not be in every episode.”

Nothing has been confirmed by either CBS or the cast, yet some fans are now bracing for the potential exit for Harmon.

Viewers are hoping this won’t be the case, leaving the door open for Alden to be the serial killer Gibbs has been looking for.

NCIS season 19 will premiere on September 20 on CBS in the USA. A UK release date has not yet been confirmed.

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