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MODERN Family fans are getting ready to say goodbye to their favorite show after 11 years.

The show kicked off in 2009 and has brought us some hilarious moments that we will never forget.

What are the best moments from Modern Family?

We just love the Pritchards, the Dumpheys and the Tuckers.

But in life, all good things must come to an end, and unfortunately that means Modern Family.

However, let us take you on a little trip down memory lane with all the best moments from the show.

Meeting Fizbo

We have to kick things off with Fizbo.

Cam's alter-ego and life long passion – Fizbo the clown.

We meet him in season one at Luke's birthday party, where Phil was terrified of him.

Throughout the last 11 years Fizbo pops up, much to our delight and Mitch's despair.

We are hoping for some sort of Fizbo spin-off – please ABC, please.

Phil as Fizbo

In season 7, another one of fav characters, Phil, thinks if he dresses like Fizbo, he "won't be scared" of Fizbo.

So he steps in for Cam at a children's party.

Unfortunately when he runs into a house of mirrors to rescue a little boy, he catches sight of his reflection and passes out.

Poor Phil.

Little Bo Bleep

This episode from season 3 saw toddler Lily as a bridesmaid for a family friend's wedding.

Before the wedding starts Lily curses, causing Cameron to laugh hysterically.

She then sees this as a way of making him happy, as he laughs so much when she swears.

Of course when Cam starts to cry at the wedding, Lily lets out an almighty curse (to cheer daddy up) causing the congregation – and us – to descend into giggles.

Robot Phil

Oh how we loved Robot Phil.

After having to miss a family party due to work commitments out of town, always the tech-geek, Phil decides to attach an iPad to a remote controlled scooter, so he doesn't miss out.

Just watching him milling about Jay's house as this floating head was enough to have us all in stitches.

Cam and Gloria looking for Stella

Gloria's relationship with Jay's beloved dog Stella makes us laugh at the best of times, but when she accidentally leaves the door open and Stella gets out, she enlists the help of Cam.

The pair are seen hilariously screaming "Stella" down the street, with Cam in full dramatic mode.

They are so loud, that a few street's away Jay says: "What the hell's that noise?"

Mitch and Cam introduce Lily

In the pilot episode we see Mitch and Cam adopting Lily from Vietnam and bringing her home.

They then organise a party to reveal Lily to the family, who had no idea they were getting a baby.

When Mitch reveals that him and Cam (who is out of the room at this point) had some big news, Jay wants to know why Cam is always so "dramatic", to which Mitch says, "My boyfriend is not dramatic!"

Just as he says this the Lion King theme song starts playing with Cam holding baby Lily up in the air like in the movie – classic Cam.

Jay and Cam touch butts

After a game of racket ball Jay and Cam are in the locker room getting changed.

They unfortunately both bend over to pull up their shorts at the same time and their naked butts touch, much to Jay's shock.

However, unfazed Cam just says: "This can't be your first moon landing?"

Jay: "You got a name for it?"

Cam: "It's very common."

Drugged up Mitch and Cam

Mitch and Cam take a sleeping pill but then their flight gets delayed.

They are heading off to Missouri and take a tranquillizer to help them sleep on the flight.

However, the flight gets delayed and they get pulled off the flight with hilarious consequences, including them talking to a hat stand.

Smoke alarm

One of the most hilarious episodes in season two, called Chirp, is when poor Phil is being driven mad by the incessant bleeping from a smoke alarm – but he can't work out where it is.

He desperately wants to prove he is the man of the house but every time it bleeps he screams, "oh no!" in frustration.

We later find out that Luke had put all of the old smoke alarms in the attic, instead of throwing them away.

Gloria's karaoke

When Gloria is pregnant in season 4 she decides to sing to the baby through a mobile karaoke set – much to Jay and Manny's dismay.

As we know Gloria hasn't got the best singing voice.

But watching her belt out a tune while Jay and Manny wince is hilarious.

Jay slaps the chicken

Gloria is fed up with Jay mocking her "traditional Columbian ways" passed onto her by her late grandmother.

So, she manages to trick Jay into "slapping the chicken" that she is preparing, as it is a "Columbian tradition" – it's not.

She then tells him he has to scream and jump whilst doing it – too funny.

Mitch's aversion to PDA

Mitch doesn't like kissing Cam in public, and Cam wants to put a stop to this.

At a party at Phil and Claire's Cam goes in for a smooch.

Unfortunately Mitch pulls away causing Cam to fall over the couch and knock over the potato chips onto the floor.

Lily gets locked in the car

Throughout the show it is a running joke how Mitch and Cam always seem to lose Lily.

This all started off in season one when they inadvertently locked Lily in the car when they went to pick up some dry cleaning.

Just hearing Cam shriek "Lily!" as he goes to throw a trash can at the car, still makes us chuckle now.

They went on to lose her several more times including in a Hawaiian banana plantation.

Jay cries for his mom

Such a sweet moment on Mother's Day when the usually tough Jay cries for his mum when he tells a story about her to Phil.

Of course Phil tells Claire who tells Gloria, who then shrieks: "Oh Jay, you cry for your mommy!"

Sweet moment and very funny at the same time.

When is the Modern Family finale?

It’s the beginning of the end for the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker family.

The series finale of Modern Family will air TONIGHT( April 8, 2020).

It will BE ON at 9/8c on ABC.

The show is currently in its 11th and final season.

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