'Married to Medicine': Quad Counsels Anila Over Her Toya Issues

Friendships come and go, and sometimes reality TV accelerates the process. So the story seems to go in ET’s exclusive sneak peek at Sunday’s all-new Married to Medicine, as Toya Bush-Harris and Anila Sajja beat around the bush, or rather the fourth wall, when it comes to their relationship. Each woman is out to lunch with a different castmate — Toya with forever frenemy Dr. Contessa Metcalfe, and Anila with Quad Webb. 

“I’ve been knowing Anila for a couple of years and I don’t like females that’s not loyal,” Toya tells Contessa, “and what Anila has shown me is, she’s not loyal.”

When Contessa says Toya if there’s anything — literally, anything — she might have done to contribute to her issue with Anila, Toya says she’s said “nothing” that would’ve rubbed Anila the wrong way. That answer incites quite the eyebrow raise from Contessa.

“She’s not really self aware,” Contessa comments in a confessional. “That’s not Toya’s thing, you know?” Cut to: a montage of Toya being… unaware and, in one instance, quite short with Anila. “She thinks everything is done to her,” Contessa notes, “doesn’t quite get that she does things to people, too.”

The clip then jumps to Anila and Quad’s get-together, where Anila declares that she is a loyal person. Quad asks Anila if she thinks Toya is jealous that Anila is now building her own relationships within the friend group.

“Could be,” Anila shrugs. “When I first met her, she was a different person, and then I come into this circle of the girls and it’s like, she just makes me feel small.”

“No! Say it ain’t so,” Quad cracks. “How Toya making you feel little?” 

Watch both exchanges here:

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