Married at First Sight's Martha branded 'Australia's biggest snake' after urging Jess to hit on Nic

MARRIED At First Sight fans have branded Martha Kalifatidis the "biggest snake in Australia" after last night's mind-blowing episode.

It saw the 32-year-old star unleash hell at a cosy dinner party by urging Jessika Power to make a move on another girl's husband.

Viewers were open-mouthed in horror as stunning Jess slid over to Nic Jovanovic and purred that she was "sexually attracted" to him.

A day earlier, Martha had claimed that Nic rubbed Jessika's leg suggestively under the table during a dinner party.

That sparked an almighty row between her and hot-headed Cyrell Paule that saw a plate fly across the room.

But undeterred, Martha seemed hell-bent on stirring up more trouble.

Jess fretted: "I think Cyrell and Nic are getting along and I don't think I should really tell him anything."

But Martha insisted: "I feel like you should act on that. If I saw something in another man I liked, I can't help it it's who I am. One hundred per cent. I'm big on vibes."

Spurred into action, Jess then grabbed Nic and made her move – which he politely rebuffed.

He told her: "I don't even know what to say. Look, I'm not going to lie, Cyrell and I have a lot of arguments that there is nothing I would do to jeopardise my marriage.

"I don't want to do this – I don't want to be talking like this. I'm married and I don't even think we should be having this conversation."

One viewer fumed: "Just when you though Ines and Sam were the villains, up step Jess and Martha. No girl code. No morals. No respect."

Another wrote: "Martha and Jess are such snakes… good on Nic for keeping his integrity."

A third agreed, posting a picture of the pair writing: "Australia’s two most venomous snakes."

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