Marilyn Manson Accused Of Rape, Assault In Lawsuit By Ex-Girlfriend

Rocker Marilyn Manson has more legal troubles on his plate. A lawsuit has been filed by an ex-girlfriend in Los Angeles County state Superior Court, claiming he raped her and forced her to watch a gruesome film depicting abuse of a groupie.

The lawsuit was filed by a “Jane Doe,” who claims she started dating Manson, aka Brian Warner, in 2011.

In its most sensational claim, the lawsuit contends Manson showed her a video he kept locked in a safe. The video allegedly depicted abuse of a groupie after a 1996 appearance by the band at the Hollywood Bowl. The young fan is allegedly forced to drink urine, was threatened with a gun, and may have been pistol-whipped.

TMZ reported that a source claims the video is actually a scripted short film intended for a project that was shelved.The film, the woman claimed in the legal documents, left her afraid for her life.But when she went to return a key to Manson’s home, she alleges he forcibly raped her and threatened to kill her.

The Jane Doe lawsuit asks for damages and a declaration that the Manson conduct broke the law.

Manson is also being sued by a former assistant/girlfriend, Game of Thrones actress Esme Bianco.

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